Black and Blue | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Other Type Song Bookmark and Share

Black and Blue

I am not asking for much during my moment
Just a little breathing room, let me vent
There are corrupt politicians, crooked cops, greasy palms
Honesty and truth for once is what I really want
I want to know what's inside you
I bet you are mostly black and blue
Religious fanatics claiming human lives in the name of Allah
Determined by who draws the shortest straw
Oil rich nations with their dirt poor starving people dying
Blind eye from our own government, homeless, President lying
Meth labs, crack houses, drug dealers are becoming more common than convenience stores
Police raid, blue light special, all this action is right next door
The neighbors don't socialize, so they haven't got a clue
I guess everyone's house is a litlle black and blue
It will be nice to see a fresh face in the oval office
Maybe stop the governors with hookers and all the other lawlessness
We all keep pushing for a better tomorrow
Lock up those who steal, help those who beg and give a break to those who borrow
Cut through the chase, hone the blade, keep it true
But there are no real answers to prevent the black and blue
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