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Dark Obsession

Dark Obsession

The dark sinister night was not the cause of Salina’s mood, It was that constant pull, those uneasy feelings followed by revolting thoughts. That man was on her mind at all times controlling her thoughts, stealing her moments.

With no idea of who he was or even what he looked liked, Salina’s mind had conjured up quit the monster, he had stalked her like prey for more than a year. Picturing him had become her latest past time while lying in bed trying to sleep leaving all her terrorizing day dreams behind and lettings nights shadows to over all her gloom. She was sure in reality he wasn’t as hideous as her minds eye had created. She could only hope.

The calls and letters had gotten so much more vicious during
the past weeks, Salina was beginning to feel the low stirrings of panic. With no way out and no where to go she felt as if she where a lamb to the slaughter. She thought about calling Detective Daniels, who had been assigned to her case. But sending a police cruiser to drive by and as the detective he would say to ease her fears just didn‘t seem to do the trick. It felt as if the police where trying to ignore her all together with her being the joke of the precinct. Detective Daniels was frustrated with all the madness and discouraging leads to nowhere. It was very apparent by his deep graveling voice. His inability to solve the case had started to weigh down on him and the case just keep getting more and more time consuming. Salina hesitated to call , not wanting to ruin his night as well.
Her mind trailed to thoughts of before, back when she was a vibrant women, a author on the verge of success.
Her last novel had been well received all of her books had made The best sellers lists. She was confident that her last book would take her over the top. Her life had seemed a fairy tale, her future promising.
Then the calls started, followed by letters. Salina Felt as if she had stumbled out of paradise and and ended up in hell. He was writing her with such intensity and venom. As if she had wrong him , seeming to think of her as if she where a puppet in his playhouse needing to be punished . Aroused by her fear and seduced by her vulnerability. Soon she was scared to even leave her home , jumping at every sound, she had lost her zest for life completely. All of her hopes and dream had been put on holed, he wanted all of her attention. He not only wanted it he demanded it.

Standing in the window, alone with her thoughts Salina froze feeling a tightness in her chest, holding her hand to her chest Salina glared
into the dimly lit street were every shadow seemed to vex her eyes, gripping the window seal as she saw him, not his face just his dark silhouette who else would stand in the shadows glaring up at her, waiting for his moment to spring into action.

Pulling herself away from the window and shutting her dark heavy wine colored crushed velvet curtains she adored those curtains which was good since they where always shut. She thought back to his last letter giving herself a chill. She had woken a few days back to a letter lying on her pillow.

My Beloved

How I Love to watch you sleep.

So Peaceful, So Innocent, So near to my Grasp.
But really my love I had hope to see you in your red silk gown, seeing you in a flannel is so inexcusable.

Next time , wear the red Silk , that would please Me. It won’t be long now my Darling.

Laid out on her bed was her red gown lying next to it her book Red Obsessions a bloodcurdling thriller filled with murder and intrigue very scary. On the best sellers chart two weeks in a row later replaced by Silhouettes a saucy romantic thriller.

Feeling as if she’d been punched in the stomach she grabbed the gown that she actually had liked at one point and thru it down the garbage shoot and out of her sight only to find it now back in her room laid out in front of her with the doors locked and being a light sleeper she couldn’t understand this cunning villain with all his deceptive ploys.
Since that day she had spent every waking hour a tangle of nerves. Waiting silently for her slayer was beginning to unnerve Salina.

Her days seem longer now with all her solitude, walking into the kitchen she poured herself some coffee, as she sipped the steaming coffee,
The aroma filled her nostrils, giving her a sense of calm. Salina could feel the cool night air as it seeped through the cracks of her classic Victorian apartment, seeming to fight with the warmth her heater was letting off. After her coffee she found herself pacing from room to room.
Fed up with all the drama and feeling pathetic, she began questioning herself, was she really this hopeless women . Being powerless against this evil man and letting him take charge of her every action and thought, her whole life ?
She needed to finish her book, it was supposed to be done months ago. Standing up fast and confident she went to her computer, dusted it off , turned it on and went to work.
Her once blocked mind spewed out idea’s, her excitement grew as she typed at a steady pace. As the night flew by her mind never
wandered onto him….letting the tension gradually leave her shoulders.

As he sat in his car peering into her far off window his
stained yellow fingers gripping onto his never ending cigarette. His eyes blazed in the darkness as he ran his calloused hands through his oily black hair, hanging past his shoulders.
Killing her entered his mind. So many things he had fantasized about doing to her body. He had imagined her for so long ,wanting to posses her to control her every move to see her cry in agony. And beg for mercy His smile showed his inner creature dark and sadistic.
He found himself getting hard just thinking about her pail neck so fragile and small Just hear her gasp to see her struggle. He exited his car to lean onto the hood . The smoke from his cigarette surrounded him hugging his every move .
He could picture her up their terrified and shaken, a pleased grin slid onto his face. Her fear excited him fueling his arousal . He felt potent, and in complete control over her.

From far off he looked as if death had fallen over him.
He wore all black while his skin was a polished white. He had a somewhat muscular build with a uniqueness in the way he moved, light on his feet with a quiet elegance. Bursting with venom he imagined her pain , and the helpless expression her face would reveal.

After many hours of working on her book Salina felt the need for a hot shower. And some needed sleep .Making sure to close all the drapes she made her way to the bathroom. After shedding her clothes and turning the water on she stepped in to let the hot water run over her tense muscles. Steam fogged the bathroom leaving beads of contestation on the mirror dripping like sweat. After a long relaxing shower she stepped out and into her room . Her eyes lethargically traveled around her room and froze at seeing her closet door was wide open. Had she opened it? Terrified she slowly peered into it to find it empty relieved she made a nervous laugh “I’m really letting myself get carried away”
She thought. She walked over to her bureau to get her nightgown to find a red silk gown in it’s place, her breathe left her she had thrown it away weeks ago, for a brief moment the strength left her knees, and she sagged against her bureau.

THUD!! Came a loud crash in the next room. In a panic Salina wrapped her robe around her and began looking for a weapon anything! As Her mind raced ,she thought to go to phone but it’s in the kitchen and I’ll never make it. Could she reach the door ? Frantically looking for a weapon her eyes darted to her shelf, to the journalism award she had won in college. It was large heavy and would work perfectly,

Although she doubted anyone would have imagined the use to which she intended to put it. The thought stunned Salina. But the idea of finally being rid of him, and getting her life back it was so provoking, her salvation. Her anger flared making her fear slightly diminished .

Trophy in hand, Salina crept to the door of her room, listening for any sounds only to hear the low hiss of her heater. Silently, she creped down her hallway, trying to look all ways at once. As she got to the living room she saw movement. There he was creeping towards the door like the slimy coward that she thought him to be. Stealing away
just to terrioze her again another day. But not if she had a say in!

With silent stealth she ran up behind him and slammed the statue into his head. Like a bag of wet cement he slumped to the ground. With a blank expression on her face, Salina stood over his prostate form. Then with a sudden jolt she turned and ran to the phone. She only got a few steps away when she heard him groan behind her, Salina spun around to see him lurching toward her. Quickly, grasping the trophy with both hands, Salina brought it down onto his head with all her strength, he dropped to the ground and moved no more. She felt great better than she thought possible. Was this really over could she have taken back her life?

Out near the road, between the cop’s and ambulances stood a strange looking man. He wore all black while his skin was a polished white, his eye’s blazed a fierce yellow, and on his face he wore a large grin as smoke billowed around his warped forbidding frame. His restrained laughter overtaking him deep and sharp. It won’t be long now my love.

By Leah R Munoz

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