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The Pain of a Teenage Boy

The Pain of a Teenage Boy

December 19, 2020
Dear Journal,

I am so glad I have found a new way to express myself. It is much better than talking to the lame therapist. I mean that’s for like freaking psychopaths. Do I look like I am a psychopath? Just because I used to cut myself doesn’t mean I am crazy…well it kind of does. Anyways I am proud to say I have gotten over all of my bad habits that I had 10 years ago. Growing up was a living hell! I had gotten to the point where I was about to explode. Well I am hungry so until next time. Peace.


Tyler McNeil

10 years ago…

“Tyler, get up.” My mom shouted on my first day of my freshman year of high school. I played like I was didn’t hear her, hoping she’d eventually go away. Unfortunately, my mom’s not the girl. She flung my door open and shouted again. “Tyler, get your ass up!” She poured cold water on me. I sprung up a basketball on a trampoline. “Mom what the fuck?” I yelled. I was shivering like hell. “Watch your mouth!” She scolded me.

I ignored her and went into the bathroom to take a bath. The hot water felt so good running down my long black hair. “Tyler, hurry up!” My mom yelled. In case you haven’t noticed, my mom’s a bitch! I love her but she just gets on my last nerves. “Okay mom, I just got in here! God, go harass someone else!” I yelled in annoyance.

After my shower I dressed myself in my new red DC shirt and ripped jeans. My mom gave me my lunch money and I walked down the street to my bus stop. And there was my first problem of my first day of high school, Draven Meyers. He was a poser of a bully, but he still freaked me out.

“Hey queer! How many guys did you sleep during the summer?” He asked me. I wished I could just pop his ass in his face, but I couldn’t fight. “Leave me alone.” I walked away. He insisted that he’d continue the conversation. “Hey fagg, I asked you a question, and I except an answer.” He yelled in my face. “You better get out of my face before I kick your ass!” I lied. Why not he didn’t know I couldn’t fight.

I was saved by the bus. I sat next to my best friend Tommy Lora. “Hey what's up Ty?” He asked. “Nothing much, just been chilling. What’d you do for the summer?” I asked. I knew he didn’t do anything, and whenever he said he did it was a lie. I don’t know why I even bothered asking. “Man it was crazy. I got laid by three different girls in one week.” He told me. I looked the other way and rolled my eyes.

It was a long bus ride and we had finally reached my nightmare, Keith Martin High School. Tommy and I met up with our other best friends, Alexandra (Alex) Caban and Shelby Posea. “Hey what's up?” Alex asked us. “Nothing much. What about you girls?” I asked them. Alex was an awesome rock girl. She had black hair with blue high lights in them, brown eyes, and a killer body. Now you’re probably thinking I am like that best friend who has like this monstrous crush on my best friend, but it's not like that. Alex and I tried the dating thing, but we liked being friends more than dating.

“Same here. What about you Shelby?” Alex asked her. “Oh nothing, just being baller, like I need to try.” She laughed. Shelby Posea was like the sister I never had. If I was going through a hard time she’d be there. The bell had ringed and we all had the same class.

We all walking in the room. It had immediately gotten quite. Everyone had their eyes on us. Talk about unwanted attention. “You’re late!” Our new teacher, Mrs. Byrd told us, as if we didn’t know. “We know and we’re sorry!” Shelby told her trying not to laugh. We found a row of chairs were we could seat at in the middle of the room. We all started writing notes to each other. I started.

Me: Hey what's up? This teacher is boring 

Alex: I know right. She is like watching a plant grow. (Yawn)

Shelby: Ha-ha. You guys are so dumb. . She is making me tired. (Zzzz)

Tommy: Wow. But true. So you guys want to come over my house and chill?

Me: I don’t mind

Alex: Yea. Me either

Shelby: I guess we are.

Tommy balled up the paper. We all smiled.

It 5th period, a.k.a. Lunch time. There was my next problem, John Scotsman. He and Draven were ‘close’ friends. If you ask me I think that they are undercover queers. I mean they always hung out, every single day. Something has got to be going on.

“Hey queer.” He pushed me as I was headed to the table with my friends. “If you ask me I’d say you were the queer!” I yelled back. I know, what was I thinking? Honestly I don’t know. “What did you say to me?” He asked. “Dumb and deaf. I said and I quote: If you ask me… I’d say you… were the queer.” I told him slowly. That’s when it started. John socked me in the face. I fell to the floor. Alex ran over to him and she kicked him in his balls.

The cafeteria was filled with laughter. Not only were they laughing at John, but they were laughing at me too. “Thanks a lot Alex!” I yelled at her. “Oh, I help you out and now you’re pissed.” She stopped me from walking off. “It's not bad enough I just got nailed in my face, but having a girl defend me has got to be the worse thing.” I walked off, but not before she kicked me next.

In the halls, my friends wouldn’t even look at me the same. It was the first day of high school, and I have already gotten punched, lost my friends, an became the lonely, creepy, weird kid.

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