Darkness | By: Kimberly Ann Thomas | | Category: Short Story - Dark Bookmark and Share


I'm sinking within time,
Not knowing what,
Is passing by,
Time is just a sake of sin,
For I am lost within the darkness,
Sinking everytime my love passes by,
Farther and farther I fall,
Within this darkness of mine,
Not being able to see,
What is infront of me,
Darkness the familar face I see,
So lonly and lonesome to me,
For howw can this be,
What's it to me if I live or die,
Without the light I am blind,
Why do people wish to be alone,
When all they'll find is the dark tide,
Washing them away out of thes life,
Not knowing whether to live or die,
Drifting away with the tide,
My body is consumed by the darkness inside,
Like a beast aproching it's prey,
It comes alive,
For now I'm the darkest of all,
Consuming all this evil within the world.
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