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Tiger and Lamb

Lamb and Tiger

The summer was coming and it was the last scholastic day of the school. Bardolf and Baron stopped in front of the students who lined up as the morning regulations of the school. They were two classmates and perhaps the nearer friends among the students. Their teacher was introducing them as the two selected clever students for the summer school shows.
"Students, you know that we have some annual school summer shows and I have chosen Bardolf and Baron as the main characters for the purpose" The students encouraged both teacher and their selected characters.
"Their functions are to play as Lamb and Tiger" The teacher continued.
The students all chorus happily.
Since the next day Bardolf and Baron started to exercise imitation and repetition of the plausible behavior of the Lamb and Tiger, Bardolf as Tiger and Baron as lamb.
"I,m a lamb, I,m a lamb,
Who made me? Who made me?
Dost thou know who made me?!
Gave me a cloth of delight,
Gave me such a tender voice,.."
Baron repeated and repeated with himself
"Little lamb! Little lamb!
Who made thee?
I,m a lamb, I,m a lamb,
Who made me…."
Bardolf was also playing his own role, repetition and imitation again and again
"Tiger tiger burning bright,
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame my fearful symmetry?
Tiger tiger burning bright
In the forest of the night…."
They step by step were entering to the depths of their functions and separate themselves from the real world in which they lived in.
A month or more passed and they did their own best in imitation and repetition. The first show of the summer school began and the teachers had already prepared the scene for playing the characters. The students all gathered, in some places adults, old men and women were also present to see the show, mostly the parents of the students.
Bardolf and Baron were also ready and entered to the school, while they were repeatedly encouraged by their classmate friends, teachers and parents.
At the first glance everybody could understand that both Bardolf and Baron were more or less different in comparison to the time of before summer holidays. The voice of Baron, as was greeting to his friend seemed to be very kind and soft and Bardolf on the other hand very coarse and rough.
"I,m sure your friends Bardolf and Baron will play a very nice and interesting show for you and I hope you all dear students and others who have taken part in this show have a very happy day" The teacher made the preparation of starting the show among the cheerful sounds of the crowd.
After some minutes later Bardolf and Baron were on the scene and all everybody were anxiously waiting for the ceremony.
It seems something unusual; the crowd more or less listened a roaring voice of a Tiger as well as a thin voice of a lamb, but could not see them at all. But gradually as the voices became louder and louder, the crowed could find the source of the voices from the scene, as if a type recorder was broadcasting the real cry of Tiger and Lamb.
But there were really a Tiger and a Lamb, no voice recorder.
Suddenly Tiger with a very loud cry jumped and broke the neck of the Lamb on the scene with his deathly teeth and all of crowd like the frightened birds were escaping to every side.

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