Almost doesn't count | By: Lize Elizabeth Jacobs | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share

Almost doesn't count

In a mapped out world, do we still have the time or the will
to question our perceptions? Is reality just that, reality?
What makes our thoughts fiction and not fact?
Do we submit to the endless society enforced barriers
that trap our beliefs or do we slow down and dare to take it all in.
Where does our dimensions end and others begin?
How do we bend the fences?

These, I suppose, are all valid questions for a reality-deprived mind.
One could misconstrued that the imagination does not set us free,
but merely bound us to the restrictions of our minds limitations,
not at all based in reality.
And someone might argue that we have not fully explored
the extent of actuality and can therefore not prove that
our reality is authentic.

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