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Military Brats

Military Brats

ff to military school for her constant delinquency, Kai Wallflower, packed her bags and stormed out the door in anger towards the van, not looking back at the house that had sheltered her to which she had become accustomed to.
Her parents watched distraughtly as their daughter boarded the bus to a place beyond their consent. Her mom had been crying since she was told, and now, her eyes were red and puffy, as she held on to her husband’s shoulder. Her husband was not sure what to do at that moment at the time of his daughter’s departure, whether to be angry or sad, so he stood their with a straight face, and comforted his weeping wife.
She always thought her parents needed to ‘toughen up’ since she wasn’t going to change for anybody, what was done, was done, and there was no way she was going to go back and change. She confidently thought this change was for the best of all of them, this was they would have a break, and she would possibly become the head of her game. Nothing or anybody was going to control her at this military school, and she was going to make sure of that....

During the ride to the military school, she felt a bit clustered and compressed between two teenaged boys. On her left was a guy of tan complexion, bright hazel eyes, and brown short shady hair. He was wearing a black shirt with some graffiti panting on the front and navy blue pants, she noticed, then looked over at the other guy, who seemed to shove her in attempt to shift his position. He was a punk rocker, she instantly knew once she saw the evidence of full black and red, huge font letting saying ‘Punk rocker 4 lyfe’ on the front of his red shirt, chains on his black jacket and attached to the pockets of his baggy pants.
‘This is gonna be fun.’ She thought to herself as she lied back on the seat.
It wasn’t long before they arrived and they were sorted into different rooms.
Kai, was assigned to Room 2121, and as she walked down the gloomy and unusually soundless corridor, she saw the guy from the bus entered a room, about two doors away from where she stood. She turned her head to her right, looking at the room number on the door, which read, Room 2119. Moving one room closer and down the corridor, she spotted the next room saying ‘Room 2120’. Not hesitating anymore, she made her way to the next room, and opening the door, she stepped in and placed her bags on the floor, only to see the same guy doing pushups, from the ceiling grills.
“I’m your roommate?” was the first sentence that escaped her mouth after the past five hours, and thought it appeared to be the stupidest thing she had ever said in her life, way to state the obvious, but she nonetheless stood there awaiting him to notice her arrival, but he didn’t, the brunette just continued working out.
She motioned over to the corner of the room, dragging her duffle bags with her, along with her guitar, she pulled up a nearby chair, turning the back of the seat to face her, and sat down, with her arms crossed over back support of the seat, then rested her head on it. She had been still looking up at him, seeing how long it would take before he’d fall to the ground due to the laws of gravity and worst off his tiredness.
It actually wasn’t long before he stopped and jumped back unto the floor, then took a glimpse at her.
“Just keep out of my way, and out of my stuff, and we won’t have a problem, cause you won’t survive in these parts.” He said callously, with a British accent, his tone was intimidating and his language flawless, but he knew how to get he point across to her in a disparate manner, as he bent down to get his towel that had fallen off the chair she sat on.
“That goes for you too hot shot.” She combated, rolling her eyes secretly as soon as he concealed his face behind his towel to wipe the sweat on his face. “And even if I was suppose to even think of raiding anything in this school, it wouldn’t be anything in here, so don’t get flattered.” She added, looking around at his bags, and stuff on the dresser in the left corner, vertical the door. She got up shortly after that, and stood before him, just before he removed the towel from his face, she was so close she could feel his exhaled breath. “Whatever you can do, I can do it better.” She warned him, with a straight face, telling him she meant business, and that not even the likes of an obnoxious teenage boy who happened to be sharing a room with her was going to stand in her way of being the head of her game. She smirked evilly as he looked at her just as before when he first spoke to her, fury present in his hazel eyes. He was about to stay something, verbally combat her as defense showing he was just as good as she was, and even ten times better, and also striving to be at the top of his game, but all was lost when as he opened his lips to form a sentence of variance or possibly to insult her, she placed her finger on his lips.
“Save if for someone who cares.” She said, a feeling of victory came over her, knowing that he couldn’t handle her, cause if that was the best this military school had, they’d have to do a lot better..
With that, she walked out of the room, just before he rolled his eyes in annoyance, thinking he had met his match, the female version of him, but was it that it was scaring him?

Chapter 2

The next morning had arrived quicker than Kai had anticipated, and ever since she had that encounter with her roommate, she hadn’t even said two words to him for the remaining of the evening.
‘Sugar we’re going down’ started playing on her IPod speaker.
Rubbing her eyes of all evident tiredness, she stood up lazily, first slouching, then upright, and placed her hands back at her side as she opened her eyes, only to see an unidentified flying object coming straight at her at lightening speed, and as she attempted to to catch it, it just forced her back unto the bed.
“Too bad you don’t have strength to back up that mouth of yours.” “Get out on the field in five.” He told her as she got up and opening the bag, only to see a jade green solider uniform.
“I don’t listen to my mom, so what makes you sure i’m going to listen to you?” She responded, throwing the bag back at him.
“Because.” he paused, as he made his way over to her. “I’m older and stronger than you, so you really don’t have a choice.” He told her, pushing the bag with some force, back into her hands. He could hear her exhale as if that had just hurt her, he knew he got the point across.
She frowned and went into the bathroom. He waited until he heard the shower turn on, then after a while the water stopped running, so he figured she had finished bathing and getting ready and stuff, and almost out, so he waited a bit more.
Suddenly, he heard cloth ripping and cutting.
“You wouldn’t dare.” He said as he banged on the door.
“Dare is my middle name.”
“You’re impossible.” With that he stormed out of the room in frustration, although he knew she wouldn’t get far with the lieutenant once she got out there.

It wasn’t long before she came out of the room, strutting down the halls directed to the field, wearing the so called ‘uniform’ but it was a serious upgrade to the original. She had spruced it up so much, it looked awesome..... for a military uniform.... Kai curtailed the uniform pants to a pleated short skirt that came right above her knees, and the shirt, she made into a girl-guides jacket while the badges were arranged on the pocket, and she wore a black blouse underneath, with black converse and ankle socks. She also had her hair in one, allowing the locks of hair to fall on her shoulders and down her back.
‘Sugar we’re going down’ slowly fades away.
Once on the field, she was greeted by an astonished look by all the guys who were lined up on the base line, as well as her roommate, once the lieutenant once he turned to face her with a look of austere.
“You’re new around here, am I right punk?!”
“If you stop yelling -” Kai started to tell him to calm down, but that was not going to work...
“Am I right?!” the lieutenant shouted even louder, hoping to silence her dissent behaviour, telling him not to yell?, well yelling was what ran a military school, who did she think she was?.....
The lieutenant was now within breathing distance of Kai’s face, but before he could ever hope of allowing another word escape his lips, she placed her hand over his mouth.
“This is the first and last time I’m going to tell you. Don’t yell at me. I’ve never been yelled at before, so I don’t know why I should start being yelled at now by an abhorrent, arrogant, egotistic, person like yourself, so if you want to have a good time here, without any stupid arguments or petty little fights, you’d best not try that again. Now let’s try that again shall we?”
Everyone was now starting at Kai in awe, awaiting the lieutenant’s response to her action, and surprisingly, the lieutenant happened to just stand there, as straight as an arrow, attempting to maintain his pride.
All the guys on the field struggled not to laugh, as they stood tall with their hands at their sides. Kai simply and calmly sauntered over to the line and stood beside a guy, who complimented her ‘new’ uniform.
“It’s about time someone changed the uniform.” He muttered, shielding his mouth with his hand so that the lieutenant couldn’t see him talking, as he inspected all the other guys on the field.
“Too bad no one had the guts to do so, that is until I came.” She said, trying not to sound too loud, or else she’d be in more trouble than what the lieutenant had been cooking up. He smiled instantly at her statement.
Kai thought and felt victorious, as she stood there. It was soon her time for inspection, and the lieutenant stood before her, his face stern and clenched, and his eyes sending a death glare directly at her.
“Is this better.” He said in a calm manner, much lower than before.
“See, the good can come out in those who wait...” Kai said all proud of his accomplishment, until all was reversed and he demanded 100 push-ups from her.
“Wallflower, one hundred push-ups!!!! Down. Now!” he yelled so loudly, the sergeant came out unto the field, from the other side of the campus, but then left seeing that it was only the lieutenant disciplining a student.
Kai was forced to the ground, and she did a push up, then jumped back up to her feet. “Just add two zeros to that, then you’re all set in that department.” She told him.
He took a deep civilized breath and pointed to the huge rope to the left of the field, hanging down from a gigantic pole which was fastened to the roof of the dorms.
“What you expect me to do with that?”
“Climb it punk! There is no way you can get yourself out of this.”
“Fine, but i don’t think you want me to dirty up that clean rope of yours...” she paused and wiped her hands clean of the dirt on her hands, unto the lieutenant’s shirt. She smiled wildly, then made her way over to the rope.
Grabbing unto the rope, she was surrounded by the guys, and the lieutenant, who dusted off his uniform shirt.
“If anyone looks under my skirt, it will be the last time you see out of those eyes again.” She warned, and began climbing the rope.
Quarter way up, she pulled a small knife from her pocket, and threw it up the rope, and it luckily slashed the rope, leaving only an inch of rope hanging from the pole.
She jumped back down to the ground with the rope in her hands, “I guess your rope isn’t as strong as you thought.” Looking at the lieutenant with a sneer, she raised an eyebrow.
“Put the rope back up!” he exclaimed angrily.
“And how do you expect me to do that?”
“Climb the rope punk!” the lieutenant shouted, now filled with rage.
“What rope?” she asked, now dropping the rope.
“In my office now!” the lieutenant grabbed her hand and pulled her off to his office.
The guys watched attentively through the window, Kai was watching the lieutenant babble off about her tardiness, and intolerable insubordination, she then got the chance to tell him how she was going to get her way around here, and when she was finished, the lieutenant held his head down, looking at his hands, which were firmly placed on his desk, as she walked out on him and went back on the field, leaving him to compose himself.
It didn’t take him long before he got back out, with five teenage boys behind him, carrying five huge boxes with guns.
“You will each get a gun, then will be taken to train.” But before the lieutenant could finish, Kai interrupted. “Are you training us for war or something?”
“ No, Wallflower.” “It is called training, as a part of the course to become disciplined.” He continued as the guys handed out the guns. “You start training once you get your guns, do not kill your opponent, or anyone else in the court, injuries will decrease your chances of having a higher reputation to your name. Do i make myself clear?”
“Yes Sir!” everyone yelled, except Kai.
She instantly fell to the ground once she held her gun in her hand. “What the heck do you keep in here, stones for canons or something.”
“Weaklings won’t survive in this course.”
“Who told you I was weak?” she said throwing the gun to him, only to discover that once he caught it, he fell backwards onto the ground, and the teenagers had to relieve him of the heavy equipment.
“Take these instead.” He said taking out two pistols and giving it to her, he started the course.
Walking towards a maze looking room, she stood stationery for a while, calculating how she was going to make this course as interesting as she could possibly make it, when she shifted quickly, once she saw a bullet hit the floor an inch away from her foot.
Instantly, she sent multiple shots through the walls, and when she ran out of ammunition, the bullets had fired exactly one centimeter apart from each other, in one line, going straight across the wall.
And when she checked if anyone was caught in the rebound, she went to the other room, only to find the next three room walls after the one she was presently in had the same bullet marks, evident that it had gone through five walls. She spotted the guys lying chest first on the ground, ready surrender of necessary, and when she looked through one of the holes in the last wall, the lieutenant’s hat had about three bullets in the front.
“You know, that’s a good look for you.” She said smiling to herself...

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