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The Never Read Letter

The letter took many days to write, but it was years in the making. It contained the truth of the events long ago. It explained the events, why they happened, why they happened in that way, why it took so long to write.

Before the letter could be written, a lot of intense reflection went into what should be said and how to say it. It was written in stages, one stage per page. Each page explained why that stage occurred and what the result was.

The end of each page prepared the reader for the next stage to follow. It was intended as a gentle chronological explanation of a painful situation. No blame was assessed, only explanations. All the stages taken together revealed the truth as a story. It described a segment of life now only understood in solitude, but willing to be shared for reconciliation's sake.

The properly addressed letter arrived and was not opened, instead immediately rejected. It was returned, envelope intact the next day.

A letter never read is a rebuke of a letter purposely written. The difference being in the intention of each. The former is to deny, the latter to reveal. Even one intentionally unread letter in life is too many.
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