Snow-white dream | By: Sofie-Noemi Leonard | | Category: Poem - Dark Bookmark and Share

Snow-white dream

Purple velvet on the bed
Incense burning on the stand
Soft music in the air
Clouds my senses from deapair.
White substance ready to inhale
Takes me back to paradise.
Feel my limber naked body
Glowing honey in the candlelight
Hips curving to inviting thighs
Smooth skin underneath caressing hands
Seek fulfillment for desire.
Jagged fissures breach my dream
Cacophony disturbs my dark
Glaring lights expose my ribs
Numb to hunger, numb to love
pale and thin corrodes away.
Alert and searching all around
What is there to sell for one more hit of Angel Dust?
Looking over my shrunken shell
I wonder, what would be the lowest bid
That can buy another snow white dream,
and satisfy one last trip
To purple velvet and incense in the air.

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