Unbeknowst | By: Chris Collier | | Category: Poem - Dark Bookmark and Share


Cry for help goes unheard. I did not cry wolf, so why
should...i find no response to my endless misery. A
means of enjoyment, a way to be free. Help around the
corner, is on the block that i missed. So the
feelings I gather are that of being dismissed. No one
can understand, not that they could, because my
suffering is my own, and as to who can relate, only
i should...be able to help myself through this funk
and depression. This sadness that has become my only
obsession. I can think of no solution as of yet, so i
will let time heal, which i hope i won't regret. So
help is not what I truly desire, just some
understanding before i fall in the fire...

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