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A Better Place

A Better Place

On a night of hanging, glooming dark
I know not of life I must embark
For journey thus into a dark
Path of no return
This is the anxiety that I feel burn.
While I ponder my purpose on this place
I then begin to feel disgrace
Tis that I feel I have no face
Iím a no one, lost, undone
My life has stopped, the joy is none.
My thoughts come flashing seconds by
Grasp I canít, I wonder why
I then feel that eye and eye
Hath stared down a single thought
Thus lays meaning for why I ought.
I see my future played before me
I see a face, I do adore he
Who has this face? I truly know he!
The faceless man can now be seen
The meaning now grows thus keen.

By then I wake to see a man
Standing before me with hand in hand
I know not why he holds my hand
But sorrowing news has yet to come
My time here just might be done.

I notice that earth is far away
I see that life has begun to sway
I see that I am here to stay
For I have moved on to a better place
The fall of darkness brings a happy face.

-by Devin J. Stinson
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