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Emerald caverns carved in light, honeycombs of sheer delight

And I, a joyful wonderer be, in this labyrinth of mystery

One mere step through fern and brier, to satiate my soul’s desire

Streaking through the leafy crown, blades of gold slicing down


Rippling patchwork; gold and gray, a living carpet of dark and day

While all around the forest sings, angelic songs on bluebird’s wings

Golden ribbons shimmer through, the leafy dome and my heart too

Passing through daylight’s streams, sailing through my fondest dreams


Near teary eyed I look and see a deeper dream than where I be

Can scarce restrain my flying heart, as where I am more truths impart

Words whispered by the balmy breeze, laced with loving gentle pleas

Whom I wonder shares my dream, who else now plies this mystic stream


“Here I am, come and see,” Her voice a soothing melody.

My pace I quicken I strain to see, whom it is that calls to me

 My heart pounding as I run beneath the foliage splintered sun

My feet leaden blocks of clay, my mind fearing I’ll lose my way


There draped against an ancient tree, her silky form I finally see

Her fingers curl around the trunk, from my flesh my soul has shrunk

A slack balloon inside a glass, she reaches out until I pass

On wings that gently part my skin, my new life I now begin


Something crumples to the ground onto the place my body’s found

Not looking back I ride the light, my wings unfurl and I take flight

Her eyes aglow like golden orbs, her magic love my souls absorbs

Our souls in twined with golden beams as it fulfils our fondest dreams


Our will; bright wisps that surfs the breeze, we come and go just as we please

So now you know from where we birth, how fairies came to be on earth

If you ever hear the call maybe you’re not human after all

See the tear across my spine and dare to want this fate of mine. 

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