UNWITTINGLY 1964 | By: TERRY COLLETT | | Category: Poem - Life Bookmark and Share


Milka's mother
turned Benny on.

He'd go there
on Saturday mornings
to wait for Milka
to take her out
some place
and her mother'd
get him tea and toast
and talk in that
warm motherly
voice of hers.

He'd sit there
watching her
seeing how full
her beasts were
through her top.

How smooth
her hips moved
when she moved
about the kitchen.

He liked the scent
she wore
it reminded him
of that actress
he'd walked past
in London as a kid
with his old man.

Now Milka
came down stairs
after getting herself
washed and dressed
(her mother
having insisted)
and sat at the table
next to Benny
and he drawing
his eyes back in
from her mother
and on Milka.

How's it going?
he asked.

All right
Milka said
eyeing her mother
who was busy
about the breakfasting.

You took your time
her mother said
Benny's been here
sitting patiently
waiting for you.

Benny put on
his innocent smile
and tucked away
her mother's fruits
and scent as if
he never seen them
or the smell not
heaven sent.

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