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The Havens theater






Chapter 1:


The gang were trading goodies out from their lunch boxes among each other.

When Nicky Yellow bee, walked over to their table and asked

"Hi, would you guys,

 like to buy a nutty cake to help save the old theater out on main street.

 It's only two bucks?"

They reached inside their book bags and handed Nicky their money


"Is it true that Ms. Honey worth, got the idea for doing this play.

 They are going to show for the grand opening from a student in her writing class?"

Tommy Cub asked her

"Yah, last week we had to write a paper entitled:




"And was surprised when she answered that she'd be picking the best paper.

To be showing on opening night." Nicky answered him

"Oh wow, and do you know whose paper she chose?" Cookie asked

"Roger Bee, he's new just moved to Rocky Shores a few days ago.

 I was glad that she picked his, he's really shy I don't think he hasn't made any friends yet

"Since he pretty much stays to himself.

This will be a good way for him to get out and start meeting other kids."

 Nicky explained

"Let's hope so.

 I don't even think I've seen him around do you know what the play is about."

 Daisy Penguin asked

"Well, since I've a part in it. I should know or else I'm in big trouble!"

Nicky giggled.


 Noticing that the gang didn't get her little joke

They just stared at her with strange looks on their faces so she continued


"It's a who dune it types of mystery.

The story plot goes:

Six sibling who secretly dislike each other

 learn that they've inherit their grandfather's mansion.

 Try to scare another out of their shares."

"Ahh." The girls giggled

"Sounds great. But I already figured out who it was."

 Tommy proudly told them

"Huh?" How you didn't even see it yet.

 And even when you do this play has so many surprise twist

"That it'll keep you guessing until the very end." Nicky frowned

"Maybe, but sorry Nicky.

 Every dude knows that it has to be one of the girls, who do it

"Since us boys, have no problem in sharing anything as long as it has a killer gaming system. And awesome video games

 that can be played at any time." Tommy shrugged.

 While all the girls busted out laughing Sammy Turtle only shook his head and gave Tommy

The wow aren't you dumb look

"Can't wait to see it. So when does it come out?" Vicky asked her

"Not for a few more weeks.

 We just finished picking out the cast and still are looking for kids,

to help us fix and clean up the place.

"You guys, wouldn't be interested in helping out, would you?" Nicky answered

None of them answered

"Did I mention that if you did.

 You would get extra credit and get out early until the grand opening."

Nicky began hoping that would peek their interest

"We really do need all the help that we can get." She added

"Well, if you put it that way.

 Sure we'll be more than happy to help when can we start?"

 Tommy and the others smiled


Chapter 2:

The next afternoon the gang headed out towards the old theater

"I still can't believe that they're going to reopen this old creepy place again

I heard that the reason it's been closed for so many years.

 Was because the old owners couldn't keep it open due to all the haunting spirits roaming around."

Sammy was telling them

"Seriously Sammy, for the six billion time.

 Just because a place has been closed down for long period of time

"It doesn't mean that it's haunted." Tommy frowned

"Sammy, it only closed down last year.

 Sadly, the owners couldn't keep it open when the triple crown opened up

"And offered lower ticket prices plus not many kids,

go to the movies or plays anymore, they rather rent or see movies on their computers."

 Daisy explained

"Yah, it's a shame really since nothing bets theater popcorn than microwave!"

Cookie laughed.


 Vicky also laughed before she added

"I really hope that this play is a hit.

 It'd be really sad to do all this work just to have it be closed down again

"Well, let's just hope that doesn't happen." A voice from behind said


They turned around and noticed that Nicky was smiling at them

"Hey guys, I'm really happy that you're here ready to go to work?"


When they walked inside they were impressed of how much work was already done

The carpet in the main lobby was new and had famous movie saying written all over it 

And the candy booth and popcorn machine also looked brand new

"Oh wow!" This place is starting to look awesome,

 check out those cool lions over there!"

Tommy told them pointing to a pair of stone lions that were on either side of the ticket booth

"Thanks, we've been working really hard trying to get this place ready.

The rest of the crew is inside the break room

"Waiting for Ms. Honey- worth to arrive so she can sign out today's working assignments." Nicky smiled.


 Shortly afterwards they were getting to know the other kids


"Since I know Nicky, would never tell you guys,

 this I feel it's my responsibly to let you guys known the real reason this place really closed down. I hope that it doesn't creep you out too much and decide to stay."

 A nervous looking skunk by the name of Pan began telling them

"Whoa, I believe that we just found Sammy's long, long lost brother."

 Tommy whispered over to them laughing.

 Sammy looked over to him and whispered back

"You're so not funny."

Then asked the skunk

"So you believe this place is haunted too?"

"Yes, but not because of all the silly rumors out there.

The real reason this place closed down as we all know the Havens, was having money trouble

"But what no one knew was that on the last night it was open, one of the usher.

Was so upset about losing his job that he went completely psycho

"And decided to hang himself, from one of the ceiling beams.

 He figured that if he did this the place wouldn't close down

"Since we'd all would want to come and see if he'd haunt the place or not."

 Pan answered him

"Pan!" Would you please stop repeating that stupid morbid story.

I can't understand how you can actually believe that really happened." Nicky cried out

"It's not a morbid story and it really did happen!" Pan snorted back

"How come we never heard about this.

 I mean if it happened wouldn't it been all over the news or the internet?"

 Daisy frowned

"It would've but it was covered up- "


"What was covered up?" A voice asked them.

They turned and noticed that Roger was standing there with a strange look on his face

"Umm, nothing. Hey Roger, have you seen Ms. Honey-worth, she's usually here before us." Nicky quickly answered

"Yes, we came earlier but when we got here we found that all of the props that we did yesterday afternoon. And some of the costumes were ruined by some unfunny prankster." Roger answered her

"Any way she asked me to tell you guys, all to go home. Since we won't be able to do much work today." He added


Chapter 3:


Later that day they were sitting inside the local ice cream shop eating frosty cones.

 And discussing what was going on with the play

"Nicky, who else has the keys to the theater besides the owners?" Vicky asked her

"I think Ms. Honey-worth and Roger.

 Since they sometimes go in early and leave late, why?" She answered her

"I was trying to figure out how they or whoever could've run in

 or out without any of us seeing them."

 Vicky began to explain

"Or maybe our friendly ghost decided to let us know that he's watching us!"

 Pan joked before biting into his cone.

 The gang looked over towards him and groaned

"What?" It's a thought,

 maybe when we started cleaning up the place we woke something up and now it doesn't want us there."

 Pan added shrugging

"Oh yah, right.

 And maybe big foot will walk in any minute and give you a nice big bear hug!"

 Nicky laughed

"Funny, but you've to admit there's something very weird going on that has nothing to do with us trying to put out this play." Pan stated

"Yes, but that still doesn't mean that some ghost is the one who is costing all our trouble." Nicky frowned

"I guess, we'll just have to wait and see." Pan also frowned


Chapter 4:


The next day they were hanging out inside their clubhouse when Vicky came running in

"Hey guys, I was thinking about what Pan,

 told us yesterday and decided to see if I could find out some more information."

 She told them


"And, I couldn't find anything expect a whole bunch of boring bankrupt stuff that the owner of the Havens.

 Had to go through until I found this!"

 Vicky cried out before taking out a piece of paper out of her back pocket

"Oh wow, Pan, was sort of right.

The theater did cover up a story about one of its ushers and what happened the night before they closed down."

 Cookie said after she and the others quickly read a short story of how

Unnamed usher was found unconscious on stage lying next to him

Was a rope with a noose and a note explaining what he was planning on doing

"Wow, I wonder why they decided to keep it all a big secret?" Daisy asked

"According to this.

The owners didn't want any more legal trouble that they already had by having this come out.

"Whoa, check this out it also says here that


 they paid the cops a big amount of money to keep this out of the press. Until they could figure out a way to deal with the situation."

 Cookie added

"That's really awful.

 But I still don't understand what this has anything to do with what's going on now."

 Tommy asked

"Maybe nothing.

 But I've a funny feeling that there's a connection between the two the question

"We've to figure out is the how and why." Vicky answered him frowning


When they arrived at the theater Nicky came up to them. It was obvious that she was very upset

"Nicky, what's the matter?" Cookie asked her

"It's Ms. Honey-worth. She's thinking about concealing the play!"

"Huh?" Why?" They all wanted to know

"This morning when she and Roger arrived this morning they found a whole bunch of things. That were sprayed painted

"I swear if I didn't know Pan, as good as I do.

 I'd think that Pan's the one behind all these stupid pranks..." Nicky began

"Gee, friend thanks for thinking so highly of me!"

 A voice from behind her cried out.

They turned and saw Pan was standing there with a big frown on his face

"I'm sorry Pan, I'm just upset.

 We've worked so hard in trying to get ready and now it's going to be for nothing!"

 Nicky sobbed

"Don't worry Nicky, I've some news that will make you feel better.

 A little mouse just told me that the ticket sales are going through the roof

"So if that was our friendly ghost plan all along to get the play conceal he soo failed.

 There's no way that Ms. Honey-worth will conceal now."

 Pan smiled as he patted her on the back


Chapter 5:


Two days later

The last dress rehearsal went perfectly without any hitches.

 As the curtains went down the owner walked to where Ms. Honey-worth was standing and smiled

"What a wonderful play. I just hope it goes half as well on opening night."

"So do I.

 I'm very proud of all these kids,

 they worked very hard in getting everything ready"

 Ms. Honey-worth smiled back

 as they made their way towards the break room to grab some lunch


"Great job guys, and guess what?"

 Ms. Honey-worth just finished telling that if everything goes well Friday night.

The owner of the Havens is planning on turning the theater into a kid's playhouse.

 And every month they'll pick a new play." Nicky told them

"Wow!" That's great they all smiled

"Yah, great." Roger mumbled before he sulked away

"Wow, I'd figured that he'd be more excited about everything."

 Tommy told them

"Yah, he's been acting kina of strange lately.

 I've a feeling there's something weird going on with him, but what?" Vicky agreed


"Hey Nicky, where do you want me to put this ugly ancient thing?" Pan asked her

"It's called a typewriter Pan,

 and you can put it in the upstairs closet inside the grandfather's bedroom."

 Nicky answered him back smirking

"Why in there?" Vicky suddenly frowned

"Oh, I'm supposed to accidently find it then- "

"Then figure out that this was the typewriter used to write all the warning notes left to the others.

 Since it had the same letter A missing." Vicky finished for her

"Huh?" How did you know that?" We never rehearsed that part." Nicky frowned

"I just need to check out a few things.

 Can you guys, meet me back at the clubhouse in about hour

"I promise to explain then." Vicky cried out before she took off


 A few hours later Vicky entered their clubhouse with a big smile on her face

"I think I've solved our little friendly ghost mystery.

I don't think Roger, wrote this play." She announced


"Last night my cousin asked me what the play was about.

 When I told her,

 she frowned and then told me how much Roger's play sounded just like the one.

 Jay Blue." Vicky began

Whose Jay Blue? They all wanted to know. Vicky's smile grew wider

"Jay's the usher who they found on the last night the theater was open last year!"

 Vicky cried out

No way!

"According to my cousin, Jay, and the Havens theater

 were super excited about doing this play.

 But sadly they ran into money problems and had to conceal it

"Which made Jay, a bit- "Vicky started

"Nutso!" Pan interrupted

"Yah, sometime like that." Vicky smiled

"Oh wow, but what does any of this have to do with Roger?"

 Maybe they're just slimier to each other." Nicky shrugged

"I didn't want to believe it either.

 But my cousin who was supposed to have a part in that play,

 she even gave me a copy of her script

"And well here see it for yourselves."

Vicky told them as she gave her the copy of the script

"Whoa, he just changed a few words around but this is the same play!"

 Cookie cried out after she finished reading it

"Yah, and I bet he's the one who has been pulling those dumb pranks too.

 But I wonder why he'd do something like this?" Tommy added

"Well, I guess there's only one way to find out let's go ask him." Daisy shrugged


Chapter 6:


"I don't feel good about this what if we're wrong about this whole thing."

 Sammy told them

"Relax Sammy, we're just going to ask him a few questions.

 And see how he reacts." Tommy answered him


When they arrived at the theater they found Roger reading inside the break room

"Hey Roger, working hard!" Pan joked.

Roger looked up from his book then mumbled

"Just trying to relax."

"That's cool. Umm we've a quick question for you,

 did you really write this play or was it Jay Blue?" Pan smirked.


 For a moment Roger looked like he was punched in the face

"What?" That's dumb I never even heard of Jay Blue!" Roger snorted

"Weird, then how come your script and his are exactly the same we read both.

 So stop lying Roger, and just tell us why, why did you do it?" Nicky told him

For a moment none of them spoke

"Okay, okay, I guess it's a good thing that you guys, finally figure it out.

 Now I can stop doing those dumb pranks and stop the play." Roger cried

"Jay, despite begin my step cousin, was my favorite cousin,

 he was so happy when the stupid owners of the Havens.

 Told him that they wanted to put out his play

"But when they started having money problems they became less then excited.

 But instead of talking to him they just led him on

 into believing that they were still going to do the play.

"Those creeps not only destroy his dreams

 but they didn't tell him until the day before when they fired him!" 

"So this was all about revenge?" Tommy asked him

"Of course!" Jay didn't do it; we all know how well his brilliant plan went

What a joke!" Roger smirked.

"It was pure luck that Ms. Honey-worth picked my paper and decided to do the play

Then with all the strange things happening it'd ruin any chances of the Havens theater to reopen." He added

"And you really believed that this was going to work?" Pan frowned

"Yah, sure why not?"

 it was going okay until you guys busted me." Roger shrugged

"But Roger, what happened to your cousin was a tragic accident.

 I'm sure if the owners of the Havens, knew what he was planning on doing

They would've stopped him before he actually hurt himself." Nicky sobbed

"Oh sure, right!" The only thing they care about is money,

 they don't care who it hurts just as long as they don't have to take responsibility

"I swore that this place would never be open again!" Roger yelled out

"I'm sure you did Roger,

 why don't you come with me into my office and we'll talk about it some more."

 A soft voice from behind them said

They turned to see that Ms. Honey-worth standing there

 and she heard the whole conversation


Shortly afterwards

"Wow!" Can you believe what just happened?"

 What a story, I wonder what's going to happen to him." Pan asked

"Well, I think we're about to find out,

 Nicky's coming back from Ms. Honey-worth's office." Cookie answered him

"It's so sad, Roger, still doesn't understand what he did was wrong.

He went nuts inside Ms. Honey-worth's office

"Ranting and raving how we ruined it for him, how it wasn't fair.

 So after she spoke with his parents, and the owners of the Havens

"They decided that he needs some desperate professional help.

 She went with him to the hospital." Nicky sadly explained


Chapter 7:


Opening night


"Oh wow, I'm so nervous. It seems like the whole town is out there.

What if I go out there and fall off the stage or something?"

Nicky told them while peeking out the curtains

"Don't be you're going to do great.

 But I guess Roger forgot about one thing in all his planning of revenge against the Havens theater." Vicky added


"That no matter how many rumors, or lies you spread about a place or situation.

 You can't control what another is going to believe

"you can tell the biggest lies or even the truth and there's going to be one kid or grown up. Who's either not going to believe you or will believe you."

 Vicky answered smiling

"I just hope he gets all the help he needs to get better soon.

 And I've to really thank you guys,

 I don't think none of this would be happening right now if you didn't figure out what he was up to." Nicky told them

"Yah, but enough of the gloom and doom talk. We've a show to put out Nicky, break a leg you're on in five!" Pan told her

"It wasn't just us Nicky, we all helped in solving this mystery.

 But if you really want to reward us, when the show is over

"You and Ms. Honey-worth

 can treat us to all those pop-corn and frosty cones that I saw on the way in!"

 Tommy proudly grinned

"It'd be my pleasure." Nicky smiled


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