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Fear of Dreaming

Hidden within a shadow, this world cannot be real.
With you as my friend, I take a step closer to death.
Every dream of false security leads to blood dripping from my bed sheets.
Please help me. Wonít you please help me!
Take my hand and let me fall.
This new experience slits my wrist.
Religion, my home away from home. A place to hide from humanity.
Let the Godís punish me, let the Messiah hate me.

This world, this lovely distorted world.
Engulfed in glass, shattered in time, our pieces of sanity.
Breaking your heart with nails through Charonís eyes.
Shame reveals its perception of time.
Reality. What a perverted way.
This presence of what is real.
Is it nothing more than love?

An angelís wing, with a feather from our Fatherís head.
Plucked by Jesus, sent to Hell, Tormented for eternity,
returned to me through you. My hellish angel.
You are my friend, you are my princess.
Your demon face protects me from myself.
Save me. Stop me from repenting.
Iíll kill you tomorrow, Iíll chop you up good.

This Great Expedition, a journey through fire.
Burning us alive. Crucifying anyone new.
A hanging Jesus, poached by God. Residing in the abyss.
Until the Judgement then, follow the four horses.
Steal the right of speech, free the children of tyranny.
Constitution writ by the hand of me.
Slavery legalized, distributed not by race, but by greed.
Tears from Heaven raining down upon Hell.
Curing us from the Black Death.
Keeping the time, hailing youth.
Conceive trepidation, suffering from nyctalopia.
Fear of dreaming, canít go to sleep.

So Afraid. Why? Why? Why?
Stop the train. End its progress.
Redemption through revenge.
Baptize me in the river, the river formed from my tears.
Styx is much more than chaos, but blue flames burn
inside me.
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