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Far From Home

Insanity rests on my shoulder. Calming me, soothing me, telling me that everything is going to be okay. But I know that itís not. With only a few words spoken, my heart is broken, and I cannot hear myself scream.
Itís so cold, this midnight sky, consuming me as I walk this lonely road of desertion. My heart, please be careful, itís as fragile as my trust. These memories, so wonderful, they bring tears to my eyes. With you in my arms I am lost in a dream. Your voice fulfilling my every fantasy, and your touch is my ecstasy.
But now I feel my insides. This knife, it works miracles as I carve your face. My very own jack-o-lantern, made from my intestines. God, itís amazingly beautiful. Your hair must be made from my finest veins. Slowly, I tie the knots, trying hard to be precise. Each little detail must show perfect resemblance.
I work furiously because I know my time is short. I mutate my liver to form your lips. I cut my kidneys to form your eyes.
Jaw-dropping, tantalizing, so pretty, so very pretty. I love you. I really love you. Now there is only one thing left to do. You need a heart. And I know mine is big enough for two. With a simple turn of the blade I give you life.
My sanity has fled. Iím left alone, bleeding on the floor. I can barely see. My eyes are closing, and my blood has run out. My reflection, it seems so red, this dagger cannot be telling the truth. Am I okay?
What is this thing?
Who are you? Who?
God, Help me! Help.
My legs, I canít feel my legs. It hurts, it hurts. Stop it, God, please. Help me.
Wait, who am I? Where am I? Why has the night turned to day? Is reality nothing more than a dream.
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