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Another day

Another day has gone by
and sometimes I wonder why I try
all these lies that build my courage
all these false expressions
they make me feel better
but sometimesif I should let her
they shy one be there
I mean shes always ruining the day
when crazy side wants to come out and play
maybe someday I'll let her get her way
but when
things could take years to mend
then I'd start again
making me wonder why
as the soul crys
let that day come
and maybe someone
will stop it
but its another day
and everyday people have things to say
and as they lay alone at night
they wonder why they have fright
just a basic out look on life
and as we strife to get by
we lie to ourselves
making it better
but when these things really go
another day passes with bareley anyone who knows
and so the story goes another day
without many of us having anything worthwhile to say
and maybe someday someone will
know something that won't feel our hearts with false glee
and maybe someone will remember me
and what does the future see
will people still judge on grudge and how pretty things are
and maybe theres a world were you walk instead of cars
and how far away is this land
and have we been there before
will we reach it again
or never more
these things the self wonders
as another day goes.
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