DRINKING IN BEAUTY 1961 | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share


I went to Jane's house
and her mother said
o she's out Benny
would you like to wait?

I said
and she let me
into the lounge

and I sat in one
of the armchairs
and she said
can I get you

some tea or coffee?
no I'm fine
thank you I replied
and so she sat

on a settee and said
how are things?
o they're fine
I said

how's you parents
and siblings?
she said
they're all right

getting settled in
to the cottage and schools
and Dad works
on the forestry department

o good
she said
I looked around the room
feeling shy

taking in the furnishings
and a few pictures
on the walls
rural scenes

Jane talks a lot
about you
the mother said
does she?

I said
feeling uneasy
as to what Jane had said
you're the first boy

she's liked
mind you
she's only 13
but it is good to see

her having a boy
she likes and respects
Jane's mother said
I like her too

I said
she has taught me
a lot about the countryside
and about nature

the mother smiled
yes she loves nature
loves the birds and butterflies
I didn't mention

the kissing aspect
I didn't want her to think
we were getting heavy
into our relationship

are you sure you
don't want a cup
of tea or coffee?
the mother asked

no I'm fine thank you
I said
wanting Jane
to come in

and save me
from the third degree
the mother said
her father is writing

his sermon for Sunday
otherwise he would
come see you too
but it takes him a while

to write it
as he likes it
I nodded and then
Jane came in

and I felt relived
and smiled at her
and she said
I didn't know

you were here Benny
I've cycled to the shop
in Cocking
for groceries for Mum

she turned to her mother
and said
I've put the shopping
in the kitchen

and the money's
on the table out there too
and o I saw Mrs Knight
and she said the skirts

will fit her Sally
and thank you
for the shirts for Wally
they'll fit lovely

o good
her mother said
right Benny and I
are going for a walk

to see the other side
of the Downs
is that all right?
sure it is

have a good time
and hope you see
some butterflies
her mother said

so Jane and I
went out the back door
and along the path
by the side

of the house
and she took my hand
and held it gently
and it was warm and soft

and I sensed her there
and wanted to kiss her
but not so near
the house

and she said
sorry if I kept to waiting
no that's fine
I said

and held
her hand tighter
and drank her beauty
into my head.

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