LOVING STARE 1962 | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share


You show me


how you practice


the piano at home

by playing

on your knees


as we sit

on the grass

on the playing field


at high school

I watch your fingers move

the thin fingers


with the pinkish nails

can you hear the notes

played Benedict?


you ask me

no just see

your fingers move


I reply

I was playing the start

of Beethoven's Fifth


you say

fifth what?

I ask


fifth symphony

you say smiling

I like your smile


it is shy and rare

I play the fingers

of my left hand


on your right thigh

do you know what

that was?


I ask

you shake your head

no what is it?


you and me

I say

you laugh


and hold my fingers

in your hand

and kiss the tips


I shouldn't even be here

with you

if my mother heard


she'd be mad with me

you tell me

why she doesn't


know me?

I say

you're a boy


and from this school

and that

is enough for her


you say

and if Angela

does say


she's seen us

then I'm in

hot water


but Angela's your friend

she won't tell will she?

she has before


when my mother

questioned her

you say


we sit and watch

other kids sitting

like us


or playing ball games

or running around

in tag games


you release my fingers

I best go

you say


just in case

and you kiss my cheek

and walk off


towards the girl's


and I watch you go


studying your

slim frame

your dark long hair


and I give you

a steady

loving stare.

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