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An angel...


An angel crossed my path.
Was it real or just scientific math?

You never know these days,
But according to my brain,
If i remember rightly, it all began with an aim.
Of which erupted not so lightly.
As I prepared myself for what lay ahead,
No easy task: I tried to clear my head.
The honey moon period; fresh and new,

that fluttery excitement, oh only you.
Please understand that simply all of the above
p*ss referring to my job, no man of my dreams.
I could never make do with a whom
Because of his endeavour in angel delight
And sewing his own seams.
How fitting, man im bright
*nodding in agreement*
Wow you're all so polite.
Ill let you in on the secret:
My nights were sleepless
For my mind was relentless.
Hours of hard work, in the back of the shop
Allowed by the clerk;
Tick tick tick of the clock.
'Push through the  mocks' said my mother pairing the socks.
"ignore the hate; they'll all care too late"
Bbum bbum my heart pounded;
It was the day of results; my alarm sounded.
Much to my chagrin, my enemies were there.
Little did I know, they failed and I passed.
Prodigies and geniuses; whos who?
It was all a scare.
There's a difference?
Indeed there is 
I mean i'd go into detail but to be honest,
You're looking a little pale
Not that im surprised, it's a lot to take in:
Me and you; so different within.
Fear not, the achievable shall be achieved,
Though please, don't go easy on the greens.
Really, they're all you need.
Forget the girls who have nothing in their vocabulary
Except the word lush, give them a good shush - you're in luck.
I know its pure 'effort', what a shame,
It's just that;s what motivation is for dear,
Not to stay tame. Just completed my homework:
Eyes drooping; thoughts looping,
Another one to check off the list.
If I wasn't so tired i'd throw up a fist
Now move aside, because if you don't mind
I'd like to get back to my one true love
(take note of what I said before: I say
no to men, what do you take me for)
I mean what can I say I'm an atheist,
Oh how much I tend to digress,
You couldn't expect any less.
An angel crossed my path.
Was it real or just scientific math?





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