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A story

I looked at the framed photo on my desk once more before I left the house and waited for the bus. I look at the photo all the time, at least once a day. What's so good about the photo you may wonder? Nothing really it's just a photo of four smiling girls. Each girl so different in her own way. I'm in the photo with my best friends Jade, Carly and Chloe. Well they used to be my best friends but now their not. Why not? Well that's a very long and complicated story. I guess I wasn't cool enough for them.


 The real story actually started off with just Jade, Chloe and I but than Carly came along and things sort of fell apart. I'm not blaming it on Carly she didn't do anything wrong. And I'm not blaming it on Chloe even though she shut me out and most of it's all her fault. I blame it on myself. For even being their friends in the first place. It could have saved a lot of heart ache. Chloe isn't your typical teenage girl. She's one of those girls who are very bright, pretty and funny. She's the type of girl your just attracted to even though she gives you a lot of rubbish your still drawn back to her every time. I've given Chloe a lot of chances but now I've just given up. She's not worth my time anymore. Sure I had lots of fun with her and I say lots but how much trouble she's caused me isn't even funny. 


She sort of ditched me for Carly. Let's just put it at that because it's the easiest way to put it. She ditched me because I wasn't pretty enough,mi wasn't funny enough. The real reason I don't know. She was still nice to me you know bit she had ignore me so many times and said such hateful things about me I was over it. I was sick of it. Friends aren't like this are they? Well how I view friends isn't like this. 


I had to find new friends. It's easier said than done but yeah I found friends. I can't compare them with Chloe though. She's the type of friend you'll only find once in a life time. Chloe was on the bus this morning and she sat with Carly. They both said hello as I walked past but I don't really talk to them anymore. When the bus arrived at school I just got off and walked to where my friends always are in the morning. Bree and Hannah are my besties who I can actually call real. "Hey," I said dropping my bag on the ground and sitting beside Hannah. "Hey Chicky," Hannah said and gave me a bright smile. "Chloe and Carly walked past us just before you got here and they called us friend thieves," Bree said a bit hurt. I bit my lip. Chloe and Cariy mostly Chloe had been giving them a hard time when I wasn't around. "I'm gong to talk to them," I said getting up before they could protest. 


It wasn't hard to find Chloe and Carly. Their always with the boys since their a bit boy crazy. "Hi," I said sitting beside Carly. "Oh hey how ya doing?" Carly asked. "I'm not that good actually," I said a bit cross. "Why what's wrong?" Chloe asked. "You and Carly calling Hannah and Bree friend thieves," I said coldly. "Well it's the truth. One day they came along and decided Star's gonna be our best friend now and they stole you just like that," Chloe said disgusted. I shook my head at her. It's not like that at all. "No Chloe your wrong please just leave us in peace," I said sadly. "I'm sorry Star," Chloe yelled as I got back onto my feet. "Well than don't do it again," I said and walked off.


"How did it go?" Hannah asked. "Okay I guess. I just can't believe they used to be my friends," I said. "Oh well they were nicer before. Cheer up Hun," Bree said and have me a hug. See Hannah and Bree are a lot more caring than Carly and Chloe ever were. That's what I look for in a friendship. Someone who cares I guess that's not what they were looking for. The bell rings and we all get ready to depart. Hannah and I linked arms as we made our way to History. Chloe's in our history as well but she has her other little friends. We sat in our normal seats and who decides to sit on the other side of me. Chloe. "Hey," she says taking her book and pencil case out of her bag. "What do you want Chloe?" I asked. "Can't I sit here?" She asked darkly. "Sure you can sit here but won't what's her name Maddy miss you?" I asked. Chloe always sits with Maddy in history. "Stuff Maddy she can make new friends," Chloe said rolling her eyes.


I can't believe Chloe. How could she? "You know what Chloe you can sit here but we're not going too," I snapped and moved to the other side of the room. Hannah followed like a faithful friend. As if she was going to stick around Chloe. Chloe glared in my direction and sat with Maddy. She's so rude Chloe. I can't believe we even used to be friends. "You okay?" Hannah asked. "How could Chloe be so nice and now look at her," I grumbled. "I guess people jus change," Hannah said sadly. She could say that again. 


After History I had Maths with Carly. "Hey," she said as I walked past her and plonked myself beside Izzy the nerd. "Aren't you gonna sit with me?" Carly asked. "No thanks," I called over my shoulder. I didn't want to have anything to do with Chloe which meant staying away from Carly and Jade. Izzy didn't say anything to me. She never does. She's awfully quiet but very smart. "Can I ask you for advice?" I asked her. "Me?" She squeaked. "Yeah you," I replied. She nodded and gave me a weak smile. "What would you do if your ex friends were being mean to your current friends?" I asked. Izzy bit her lip. Maybe she didn't know? "You have to stand up for your current friends," she replied. "Your right thanks Izzy," I said and shot her a grateful smile. 


As soon as the teacher stepped out of the room Izzy made an announcement that she's having a party on Saturday night and everyone's invited. "You cling to my party?" She asked perching herself on my desk. "Actually I'm not," I replied stuffing my books into my bag. The bell was about to ring. "Why not?" Carly asked offering me gum that I accepted. "I have better things to do," I replied stiffly. "Okay whatever you say but if you change your mind just come over," Carly said as the bell rang. You may think that their being really nice but their not nice at all. 


At break I found Bree crying. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Austin cheated on her with Carly," Hannah replied throwing her arms around Bree. How could Austin and Carly. Of course she has something to do with this. I'm going to kill her. "You stay with Bree I'll go punch Austin," I said. "Leave him a nice bruise," Hannah shouted as I marched to over where Austin was standing with his mates. I warned Austin not to break my best friends heart but did he listen? 


"Hey Star," Austin said throwing his arm over me. "Don't touch me," I said coldly. Austin and I were actually good friends but not anymore. "I told you not to hurt Bree didn't i?" I demanded to know. "Come on Carly and I were drunk, we just had a bit of fun," Austin said rolling his eyes. Carly was drunk! How does this not surprise me? "Your lucky I'm too nice to punch you but this is for hurting Bree," I said and slapped him hard across the cheek. He gasped in shock and clutched his face cheek that was now bright red. All his mates were laughing and oohing. "Do it again and I'll make it harder," I threatened and stormed off back to Bree. "Good one," Hannah said but I wasn't in the mood. Why couldn't Carly and Chloe and just leave me alone? That's all I wanted. 


I refused to look at Chloe and Carly for the whole day and on the bus I sat beside Jacob. "Hey," he said which made me burst out crying. "Hey what's wrong," Jacob asked wrapping an arm around me. "Chloe and Carly are making my life a misery and Carly got Austin to cheat on Bree with her. Why is this happening?" I sobbed. "Ohh Star don't cry, it's all going to be okay. Chloe and Carly just have a really mean streak, don't do anything stupid you'll regret. I'll deal with them if you like or let them take everything you have and re build everything all over again. Show them your not weak because your a strong amazing girl," Jacob said comforting me. He's the best friend ever. I hugged Jacob and laid my head on his shoulder. "Thanks Jakey," I said smiling. I used to always call him Jakey as kids. "No problem Star," Jacob said and kissed my forehead. I smiled. I know that Jacob will always have my back even if the whole world hates me he never will. 


Make your own ending ...........


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