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Mind and body under attack.   Skinny freak with monkey on back.

Likes to ride the white horse and look at the dark side of the moon.
Mix the Smack and heat the spoon. 
Tie the hose and push the rig.
Off two La La Land you dig?
A beautiful place designed to blow your mind.

Use to be some one that was cool. Now, just a strung out fool.
The crib is nearly bare.
Losing weight, losing hair.
 The shakes with sore knees.
The Demon is hard to please.

In and out of cars, in and out of bars.Down for whatever to get tricks.Got to get another fix! From the sickness must rally.Get down in a dark alley.  Every day is rough need more stuff!

Known for notorious antics, and behavior that’s erratic.  Depravity and lunacy,

caused trips to loony bin and jail house. They turned their backs. It brought shame to the family.

Walking, thin jacket, in the cold.The Devil has a strong hold. Just wanna make  tracks.
Oh,those precious little sacks.
Have been beating bloody for this and still a hand that would give it would be kissed.

A good score made thanks to the suckers played. Now, ride the dragon through the magical fantasy world.
Full body  orgasmic delight that makes the toes curl.

Kickback and stare at the lava   lamp while Miles plays the Chase.The things done is a disgrace. Trying to hold  on to something one can not  keep, makes one weep.

If you think about it, don’t do it!  If you get pushed to it, don’t do it! You open that door and get hooked,call your folks, and say farewell.While kicking and screaming the Devil will drag you to Hell!  You will need treatment and the Lords help to break the Devils hold to save your soul!
P.S. Kiss and hug your loved ones that saved you from any addictive drug.Because it is a hell ride that will take your breath and cause your death!

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