I VAMPIRE | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Horror Bookmark and Share


Blood is my only desire.
For this I have gone through hells fire.
I am tall,suave and debonair

With slicked back hair.
I wear  tuxedo and cape, from man to bat I change shape.

Centuries ago a curse was put on me by a gypsy because
I killed her son in a duel over a woman.
I am to walk thee earth and never know  peace of mind. 
Due to my urge to drink blood like wine.

I need it to survive and stay alive.
When the bloodlust  rages I cannot resist.
After I  feed I feel  bliss.
Awakened from a long slumber.
Flesh returns to bones previously buried deep under.

Robbers disturbed my grave,they will become my Slave.
One robber cut his hand on my casket. 
When he stole my gold and ruby medallion and ring.
He shall truly feel my sting.
His blood brought me back. 
Soon, I will be ready to attack.
He will be chained in a pit, his blood taken bit by bit.
 His friend will assist in my need when time to feed.

Mainly, I vant  the blood of a female. This satisfies on a deeper level.  I feel ecstasy as well.
I stalk by moonlight because I am a creature of the night.
When darkness is upon the land, my bloodlust takes command. 
I am driven by my need to feed. This I can not control for
I have no soul.

Bat wings flap in the night sky,as she walks by.
Behind her I swoop down.  She turns around with shock and surprise.  She looks into my red eyes.
“Please, don’t hurt me!
“ “I vant to sohk yu blaohd !!”
 She screams and turns to run.
I grab her by the collar, before she can holler
I put my hand over her mouth and snatch her by the hair.
On her face the look of despair and fright.
I turn her head to the right and sink my fangs into the jugular vein under the pale moonlight.

On a dark lonely street I taste her blood warm and sweet.
Thee elixir of life is what I seek.
Of this she will never speak.
The bloodlust and hunger is electrified it can not be denied.
I  drink deeply,through this act,I feel a warm euphoria that leeds to an intense climax!

The yearning has been too long.Now,I feel invigorated and strong.Once drained of blood  I throw her limp body in the mud.
The hunger appeased I must return to  my coffin to lay,before the break of day.Otherwise, I will fade away.
There are only two things that can kill me.Those that do not know what they are, and we meet on a dark and lonely street.
My power they can not defy,therefore,they will die! 

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