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the dark lust

Hi my name is maggie freemen i am a 34 year old decteive for new york city.
i love my job and all the trills it gives me. now you are probley asking yourself why is she here shes a women.
well i got to say i am tough then most men out here. the guy over by the desk that chief frodick brown.
hes a 20 year vetern and not a nice guy when you get on his bad side.
belive me i know, about 19 years ago brown and i were assgined to a murder in manhan.
Not a pritty site the girl was beating to death. there were no signs of forced entry but there were signs of sexaul assult.
later the victum was name Jane Dude. a 18 year old girl from metuchen NJ.
We spoke to her husband which he said he was at work all day and he does not know who could have done this.
We asked him to come down to the station with us. his name was Bobby Dude.
he told us that him and his wife meet in college, but since he was from new york he wanted to move back there.
he lived right next store to his under brother which is 15, and his mom and dad.

After we were done question him he asked us if he was a suspect. We said no we don't have alot of evidence to convicted him.
Chief Brown said to me after mr. Dude lefted that it was mr. Dude. i said to him i don't think so whats ur evidence.
Brown said there was no forced entry that enuff for me. i said to him what can you see that she was sexural assulted and beating to death.
Chief brown what are you saying it some one else and i said yes.

the investigation went on for mounths till Mr.dude was under arrest but i still known he didn't do anything.
Mr. dude was sentence to death do to the rape and murder of his wife. they said that him and his wife never had sex and he went nuts.
so i went to find some more evidence and boy o boy did i find something great. i found the brothers school card with blood all over it.
when i saw that i called up the evidence scoued and they took the bloody school card to get tested.
about a few months later it came back that it had the girls blood on it.

we were so close yet so far we still needed to find the weapon of choice.
It looked like it was a bat or a club of some sort. we found out that the brother sam Dude was a juvy for beating up a teacher.
Then we got a search wonent which brown said it was a wast of time we already have the man. as soon as we pulled up to the drive way sam confest.
Sam said he went next door to only talk to his sister enlaw. when he saw she was were a skirt with tights.
he said he lost contral and just raped and beat her with a bat that he got from his brothers cloest.

Sam was sentence to 15 years in prison with good behavr he could get out.
Bobby dude thanked me for helping him and beliving in him i said thanks you.
as for me and cheif brown we left as parenters and we never spoke again
the end
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