THE CREEPY MORTICIAN | By: Willie Buchanan | | Category: Poem - Horror Bookmark and Share



Nightly in the mirror she would stare,and pull out clumps of her own hair.

Wigs she wore during the day,
while doing things her way.
For quite sometime she was able to maintain,
the fact that she was slowly going insane.

People did notice when she made the dead look like a clown.
Some one called for the cops to come around.On the bus she was caught trying to leave town.

Now,she is in the nut house totally locked down.
In therapy it was found that as a child after her mother had passed,she saw her dad having
intimate times with the dead.

After he passed she took over the funeral business with dread.

Over time it drove her mad,and she began to act like her dad.
In bed she would wake up next to the dead.

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