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Seven Thirty days


Seven thirty days of dreadful storm
Yes I know,it sounds too long
A dark cloud drifting on my soul
Wailing,for my heart he stole

The wind blew here,the wind blew there
On the seashore I stood,filled with fear
For I could see him walk away
Before I thought of words to say

I ran,I ran into the sea
And watched him dissapear
But it was then I realised
That he was never here

I lived alone,I lived in grief
I lived in solitude
I lived in vain,I lived in pain
But he showed no gratitude

I thought about it day and night
I thought about my life
I thought about all his sins
And slashed my wrist with a knife

I felt the raindrops hit my soul
For he had gone who made me whole
I heard the sad moan of my heart
Which was harshly torn apart

I cried because he left me
I cried because I was deceived
I cried at my stupid age
My immaturity

It took me weeks,it took me months
It took me two long years
To move on and forget him
And forget his betrayal

After those two long years
I marched up to the sea
To drown all the memories
Which he had left with me

He taught me how to face problems
He taught me how to live
He taught me how to treasure life
And love and always give

The storm will come and it will go
I heard his voice say loud
The clouds will moan and they will cry
But your soul should never die

The sun did shine,upon the sea
The storm did calm one day
And I had already forgiven him
For taking my heart away

Wajiha Mehdi.
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