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The dark times are standing still holding on to our every breathe. What can be so cold has found us living alone within this darkness. O! No what has us living so alone standing on hollow ground not knowing if we are living or dying. The time has come to find the search of self only to find the things that live within. Within our minds and souls. The terror that has us closing doors behind hoping to find peace and clam in the darkness that we have found. Nothing can stop it now for it's not it that has us but the things within. My God what have we come to me and it. the sounds that carries our cries for it tell if we live or die.
Vision the true life with out darkness only to find that we are the devil among the earth. The time we spent in search of the thing within these walls. We should have just taken our lives along time ago to destory the beast within. All has come to end. A end to darkness and a end to my life. The knife lays on the floor covered with blood. my chest split wide open showing my broken heart. For I have killed the things within.

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