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Valerie Mitchell

Valerie staggered helplessly, her brown straggled hair blowing in the calm breeze. She shuddered at what kind of punishment her father might give her. Her blue eyes watered as she remembered the kind of bruises her stern father had given her. Lifting her arm, she pushed her sleeve back, so her bruises were exposed. Her bruises were yellow and had not healed yet. Valerie was angry, and sick and tired of being treated like a baby. She couldn’t go to shops without her father accompanying her; she couldn’t telephone anyone without her father listening to every word. BUMP!

Valerie was so engrossed in her desperate situation that she didn’t realize where she was going.

“Sorry!” Valerie mumbled.

She looked at the stranger in the face. She gasped! The man’s face was contorted with a sneer. He had dark ugly eyes with a snub nose. His cheek was cut with a fresh scar dripping with dark blood!

“Madam, you will be sorry for bumping into the WHISTLER.” The man cackled and slipped away, becoming a blur to Valerie’s eyes.

Valerie gasped! Maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe I should make my own way home after all. Valerie thought! She surveyed the whole street and her eyes rested on a dark and sinister alley, in which she bravely ventured towards.

The alley was covered in red liquid. Valerie realized it was blood! Her throat gave a silent scream. Her hands froze. On the wall above her the words: THE WHISTLER was written in blood. Valerie couldn’t help it anymore! She let out a high-pitched scream. Immediately a man stepped out! She let out a cry of agony and pure terror was written on her face. It was the same man she had bumped into in the street! She began to run............ The man swiftly took out an automatic pistol. The pistol spitted its venom and spoke twice. Valerie fell, screaming with fear. She fainted. The world went black.........................................


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