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The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Sicker

...and if Darwin’s theory proves correct, then the creature that was evolving into the chicken, most likely bore the egg that contained the first actual “chicken embryo”. Therefore the egg came first. And then, of course, bacon was invented. But, bacon was just so salty, and it made everyone all thirsty and shit. Well, anyway, they were trying times, they were. People needed an easier way to consume liquids. They had just about given up faith and were turning towards hate and crime to better their situations. Then as if by hard work and years of dedication, a man contrapted a crazy new machine. He called it a computer. Later, it was re-named the cup. It was destined to revolutionize some industry. It was like the renaissance, with out all those fancy museums. The president even declared it illegal, to drink straight from the faucet anymore. And all the people rejoiced. That is, except everyone. Everyone, except the inventor (who had the only cup patent and sold cups for a very unreasonable price that no one could afford). He was said to have been, seen rejoicing. Oh, and of course, the cup itself, it was not rejoicing, being an inanimate object and void of any real feelings. It t’was neither happy nor sad. Truly the devils work, indeed. Which leads us to the moral of this story- why the fuck, doesn't everyone have some form of healthcare? It’s ridiculous, you can’t just let people rot or can you? Well, I guess you can. considering that it happens. Check it out, it’s a bright sunny day. You wake up, feeling well rested and ready to face the day. Then suddenly you feel a little pain around your toe. Oh shit, it’s a hang nail!, wait. It’s a dark, terrible stormy day.. yeah, and you’re…no, - crying as your walking away from the free clinic, with HIV positive throbbing behind your eyes . Your job doesn’t quite offer heath insurance, and you’re surely not going to be eligible for any now. What’s so wrong with making it easier for people to get the things they need, at least the employed? Why make it even more difficult for the less, financially, endowed? Just like the need for food and the need for air.....people will always need medicine. Bacteria and viruses are living things, that evolve, right. We need to prepare for war. War, against those tiny, little, mother fuckers. Instead it’s all patent and sell; a double cheese burger costs 99 cents, air is free (for now) but medicine costs…(even cheaply, mass produced generics).....umm a lot, and you still have to pay at least a nice fee to see the doctor, so it can be prescribed. Hospitals shouldn’t be able to turn down anyone; pregnant women to birth a dead baby in the street, and then die, herself, from complications, those crazy reckless elderly with their wacky driving and broken hips, the cross-eyed, toothless, dirty vagrants overflowing with AIDS and lightly sprinkled with bleeding lesions. Fuck it, hook em’ all up. Maybe than, if every one was more healthy, diseases would have a tougher time spreading themselves around. Yes, yes I know, taxes. Of course we would have to pay more taxes. But you won’t be so concerned about that ten extra dollars they took out of your check, when your laying in the hospital, snooddled out of your gourd on painkillers. Don’t worry, we won’t over populate, people will still do crack, have tragic car wrecks, and grow old to death. At least then ignorance, accidents, and natural circumstance will be the leading cause of death, as opposed to helplessness.

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