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Trout, Fish Experience Amazing Adventure


Trout, Perch and Salmon

Experience Amazing Adventure


By Greg Miller © 2013


Perch, Trout and Salmon lived in a very unusual river. All the fish spoke a variety of human languages, which they used to communicate with each other.


Salmon, who loved to tell jokes, was the life of every party. Perch was more subdued and spoke only after someone spoke to him. Trout never tried to be a leader, always content to serve as a follower.


After a few years, only one fish named Trout remained in the river. He was somewhat smarter than the others in his species, all of which had been caught by human fishermen. “Help me, Lord,” Trout prayed.


For the next few years, Trout thrived. On the other hand, most of the other fish named Perch and Salmon were caught by human fishermen. Eventually, only one Perch and one Salmon were left to keep the lone Trout company.


The three fish forged a strong friendship. They all enjoyed telling stories about their experiences of escaping from the hooks of the terrible fishermen.


One day, the three friends discovered a secret outlet that fed into a larger river. Since they loved the thrill of adventure, they boldly swam into the future and a new home.


Salmon and Perch had learned the art of prayer from their friend Trout, and the three fish prayed together on a regular basis. The new river teemed with aquatic life, and the friends were awed by their new environment. The trio quickly made many new friends, but they never forgot their common bond so they grew even closer.


Trout, Perch and Salmon didn’t know it, but their lives were getting ready to drastically change. One day, while swimming near the spot where they had entered the new river, they noticed a brightly lit glass box just in front of them. Mesmerized by the light, they were soon inside the box, which was lifted up out of the water.


They were afraid the Lord had forsaken them. God, however, encouraged them. “Never fear,” said the Lord. “You’re going to have a fantastic new life.”


Robert and his son, Robby, took the aquarium, along with their prize catches, home with them. Robert told Roberta, his wife, “Meet the newest members of our family.”


“Their names are Trout, Salmon and Perch,” Robby beamed.


“I’m glad we began praying for fish to put in our new gigantic aquarium,” smiled Roberta. “They are beautiful.”


“I almost forget,” said Robby. “I must transfer our new pets into their new home.”


Robby gently deposited the fish into the larger aquarium. “Thank, you, Lord, for another answered prayer,” he prayed.


Salmon, Perch and Trout echoed Robby’s prayer. “Amen!,” they grinned. “Amen!”


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