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Boy Wants to Help Teach Sunday School Class


Second-grader Wants to Help
Teach Sunday School Class

By Greg Miller © 2012

Samantha’s Sunday school class was filled with second-graders who loved the Lord and who were eager to learn as much as they could about Him and His Word.
One of Samantha’s students, Seth, was so interested in the class he volunteered to help teach the other kids. “I’m going to be a teacher when I grow up, so I might as well begin practicing now,” he observed.
“I’ll tell you what,” Samantha said. “You can be my official assistant and, if you do a good job, I’ll may let you do a little teaching later this year.”
“Wow, thanks, Miss Samantha!,” Seth exclaimed. “You’re the best Sunday school teacher in the whole world!”
“I’m not the best Sunday school teacher in the world,” Samantha replied. “But I love you children very much, and I want you to grow in your relationship with Christ.”
With the advent of the new year, Samantha decided to teach a series of lessons based on the book of Genesis. From memory, she recited Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”
She lovingly said, “The Sovereign Lord spoke the world into existence. And the force of His creativity is just as as mighty as the power of his words.”
A bright smile lit up Seth’s face. “I know God is stronger than anyone or anything,” he grinned. “Any time I have a problem, I just talk to Him about it, and He always helps me with it.”
“You have a lot of faith for a second grader,” Samantha said.
“Thanks,” Seth replied. “Mom and Dad always tell me I can talk to God about anything.”
Samantha asked Seth to tell about some of his prayers God had answered. “A few weeks ago, I lost a quarter and didn’t have any idea where it was,” Seth said. “God sent an angel in a dream to me. The angel said, ‘Seth, the Lord sent me to tell you the quarter is in the sock on your right foot. That’s where you always keep your spare change.””
“That’s right, I do,” Seth chuckled. “Thank you, Lord for showing me where my quarter is. And thank you, Mr. Angel, for bringing the message to me.’
“Then, last night, Miss Samantha, I asked God to wake me up about 30 minutes early this morning because I wanted to fix breakfast for my parents.”
“Aren’t you too young to cook?,” asked Samantha.
“Oh, I wasn’t going to cook a seven-course meal,” Seth replied. “I was just planning to serve toast and orange juice!”
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