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^ Billion chances to kill

Section 1: Ordeals in the parking lot

It was time for inspection of the 68th street grill; the place were Ace Williams and his family made the burgers. It was a small place, crammed tightly between two apartment buildings on either sides. There was barely enough room for the inspector to park (he had to drive of course-idiot) but he squeezed behind a mini van.
The inspector was a pale guy. Rather muscular up in the shoulders, but had a wussy man hand shake. He carried a clip board made of plastic, the opened to reveal space to place papers. He wore a regular buisness suit -not exactly brand new, but it would do - and had a badge clipped to his shoulder with a photograph, name, and
alot of other crap. As he fed te meter box 50 cent, he was approached by a man, younger than he expected, whearing a stained aprin, and dirty hands. Naturally, it was his job to nit pick about these things, but he decided to start the coversation out with:
"Hello, ah...you are a little younger than they told me. Are you..." He opened his clipboard, flipped some pages, paused and said, "Junior Valiez?" He closed the clipboard and stared at the man with a frown.
The man smiled and said, "Nah, that's not me. That's my old man. He runs the place, I just work here."
Still frowning, the inspector said, "And what is your name?" He reopened, the clipboard, and pulled a pen out, waiting for the answer.
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry..." He reached his hand out, which the insector took reluctantly, "My name is Raymond Junior Valiez. most people call me J.R."
"Well, as you have probably guessed, I'm here to inspect your restraunt, and give you a sanitation grade. You will be scored according to cleanliness, service, and management. My name is Welton Kep." Around about the word 'sanitation', Welton recieved his hand beack, covered in grease. he decided not o let the ordeal pass along
any more. As J.R. started to turn away, he said, and wrote: "Looking at your the shape of you attire, I wouldn't say it is exactly appropriate, would you?" The frown had been replaced with a cocky smirk, which he flashed. Te other man blushed, and stumbled over a few words before finally getting out "Well, I just I just
just came to work, about five minutes ago, and I was about to change it anyway." He turned away, embarrassed, and attempted to remove the aprin.
"So what shift begins at 10:42 in the morning." That made the situation worse, but J.R. tried to smooth it out with,
"Why don't you just come in and talk to dad...he can answer your questions better than me...I'm just the cook."
"I'm sure he can. I'm sure he can." Welton didn't say any more but he took many mental and phisical notes. They had no ides he was commin. Oh how he was going to cook these people alive.
Little did he know it would be the other way around.

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