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Escaping Alcohol's Grip

A hurricane had sneaked into my calm pleasant life.
It hit very hard by taking my beautiful wife.
Using abrasive sand to uncover and reveal,
The very same sand used to cover-up and conceal.

Its wild winds whispered while shattering glass and worse.
I never experienced a more powerful force.
In the stormís eye there was every indication,
My life was ripped from its very foundation.

The rear of the storm was an exact twin of the head.
It caved the roof in upon me and left me for dead.
Many hours later as I lay under rubble and sand,
I saw reaching down to me a tiny little Hand.

There were two little hands and one bigger I could see.
The larger one reached down and somehow pulled me free.
There stood daughter and grandkids, such a beautiful sight.
They helped me escape from the terrible storm that night.
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