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Revernd Matthew part 1

"I'll tell you what, Revernd, why don't we make a deal?" The man in the black tie said. "If you can tell me what part of the Bible the story of The Two Fountains is,
I won't kill your family and I won't throw you out that window." He pointed his finger to a glass slide about 8 feet away. and also the bomb detenator lay on the table.
Reverend Matthew's eyes searched the room, and his face went pale. He tried to move his hands but they were tied to tightly. He opened his mouth to say something, but only air came out.
The man in the black tie smiled. "You're runnuing out of time Reverend." He picked up the detenator and looked at his watch. "7, 6, 5..." The Reverend's brain was racing. A thousand things
passed through his mind in one second. "3, 2, 1-" His thumb pressed down slighty on the button.
Wait!Wait." Hewould have to guess. "It's in the book of Luke. Chapter 3 Verse 2." He knew it was wrong as soon as it left his lips.
"Congradgulations, Reverend, you have managed to say the most unright answer i have ever heard." He roared with laughter as he pulled the detenator up to Reverend Matthew's face. He was sweating
Purefusly and he griited his teeth as the man in the black tie started to press down on the detenator again.
"Powwwww." The man in the black tie screamed.
Reverend Matthew let out a sigh.
The man in the black tie putdown the detenator on the table again.
"This is getting fun ain't it?"

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