The cat and the shotgun | By: Bryan King | | Category: Short Story - Dark Bookmark and Share

The cat and the shotgun

It started with a bang.
The Backside of Jake's head exploded. The cat purred.
The crazy man put down the shotgun and laughed.
"Now...if you would me back those two dollars, i wouldn't have done that," he said to the corpse.
He looked at Jake's girlfriend. Her eyes were already wide, before the murder, but the sight of brain matter on her shirt turned them to tennis balls.
"You...are...insane." She whimpered as her chest heaved back and forth from fear.
The crazy man put up anothe great laugh. He picked up the gun, stroked the barrel, and started pacing around the room.
The cat purred again.
"Thanks, that makes me feel so good inside."
He laid the gun over his shoulder and stopped pacing.
"Are you going to kill me?" Jakes girlfriend sat down on the floor, fearing what she knew he was going to say.
He nodded his head and smiled. "Yeah I think I will."
The cat purred again.
She started weeping, but managed to say:"why?"
"Well, some people write, some sing...I kill. That's why.
The cat purred.
Jake's girlfriend swallowed hard.
The crazy man pointed the shotgun and pulled the trigger.
The brown cat's remains were stuck to the wall in a second.
"I hate cats." He muttered.

The end
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