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Warren listened as hard as he could. He could hear the sound of chairs scraping the floor, the books hitting the pavement and the screams. But he could hear something else. Something no other human within the vicinity was able to hear, something his ears alone could take notice of. It was a plea for attention, for pity. He could hear the plea hidden within the depths of the horrendous screams. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The screams were unbearable; he wondered why no one but him seems to hear them. He went to the kitchen and found Amanda Davies, his mother, washing the dishes.
“Yes honey?”
“Don’t you hear them?”
“Hear what?”
“The screams.”
“I do.”
“Why isn’t anyone doing anything? Seems to me like the girl was being raped or something.”
“She’s not being raped. And there’s nothing we can do about her.”
“Why? How do you know she’s not being raped?”
“I heard from a couple of acquaintances that something like this is bound to happen.”
“You mean something like screams in the middle of the night?”
“Listen here honey; they said it happens all the time. Her father has every right to do what he wants with her.”
“You mean he’s hurting her?”
“Yes darling.”
Warren looked at his mom with sad eyes and went to his bedroom. The screams have stopped, he noticed. He looked out the window and saw a van driving away. He opened the window wide enough to admit a whole person and jumped outside. He peeked at the neighbor’s window but saw nothing, the lights are off. He softly tapped the window and saw the lights turn on. A girl with an impossibly dark hair was suddenly staring at him with wide accusing eyes. She opened the window and looked at him thoughtfully.
“You’re the neighbor.”
“You’re the one who’s been screaming.”
They looked at each other for such a long time that Warren felt like it was hours before she invited him in.
“Who are you?” asked she.
“I’m Warren, Warren Davies.”
“I’m Eavan. Eavan Gallagher. I’ve lived here all my life.”
“Why’s he doing it to you?”
“What? Oh, you mean my father? He’s not mean as most people think you know, they just don’t understand him.”
“You’ve got a bruise by the way. Let me get you some towel.”
Warren stood up and looked for the kitchen.
“The kitchen’s on the left. The towels are on the third drawer!” she shouted after him.
“Found it!” he shouted back.
He returned with a basin with a towel floating in it, took a seat beside her and started cleaning her wounds.
“I can care for my wounds by myself you know.”
“I know you can. I just want to be with you. You know, make you feel wanted.”
“I do feel wanted.”
“Why do you put up with it? I mean, my own father doesn’t even lay a hand on me and I’m a boy and you’re a girl.”
“I told you, he’s not as mean as you think. He’s really nice. His temper just gets the better of him sometimes and he loses control over what he does.”
“You love him.”
“My father? Of course I love him. Who else have I got?”
“Well, you’ve got the two of us now.”
They both turned at the sound of gravel outside the girl’s house.
“You better leave you know. I’m not entirely sure if father’s already cooled down.”
“Ok. I’ll be next door if you need me alright?”
Eavan smiled. Warren felt his heart beat faster as he made his way back to the house.

“Warren! You get back here right now!”
The voice thundered across the neighborhood and people passing by turned to stare. Warren’s face burned with shame.
“You don’t have to shout like that mom.”
“Sorry if it bothers you that much darling but it’s the only way I can get your attention.”
“Well, what do you need my attention for?”
His mom pointed at a girl standing right outside their front door holding a large tray, looking in. Warren waved.
“Hey! It’s Eavan mom.”
“She’s the girl next door.”
“I know.”
“What’s she doing here?”
“Can’t we talk about this later mom? We can’t let her stand there all day.”
His mom looked at him with sharp eyes then went back to the dishes she’s washing.
“Don’t you dare bring her in the house!”
Warren smiled at his mom then he met Eavan at the door.
“Hi. I baked a couple of goodies and I want you to have some. It’s my way of saying thank you.”
“What for?”
“For last night.”
She smiled then held the large tray up for him to smell.
“Try one” she said.
He tried one and laughed.
“Hey, these are good. Where’d you learn to bake?”
“My mom used to bake.”
Eavan noticed Warren’s mom staring at her and she stared back defiantly.
Warren happened to look at someone at her shoulder and noticed the bruises on her left shoulder. The bruises left quite a few dark marks.
“Hey, when did you get those?” he asked, motioning to her left shoulder.
“These are nothing. Bumped myself”
“Does it hurt?”
“It hurts like mad when I’m sleeping but don’t worry, I’ll live.”
“This could be serious you know.”
“Hey, don’t make such a fuss over it. It’ll heal. I want you to meet someone I know. Meet me tonight; I’ll wait for you at our window.”
Warren just looked at her when she waved goodbye. He made his way to the kitchen, silently thinking how to politely ask his mother why she seems to dislike Eavan.
“Mom, is there something you’re not telling me?”
“Something like what dear?”
“I don’t know but I know you’re keeping something from me.”
“Honey, let’s talk. Please sit down.”
Warren took a sit across his mom and waited.
“Honey, I don’t think you should trust that girl.”
“You mean Eavan?”
“Yes dear.”
“Why ma?”
“Well, I happen to know a few people around this place and they told me all about her background.
“They said her family has a bad background Warren. I don’t want you associating with someone who has a background like that.”
“Whatever you heard mom, that’s just plain stories. Rumors are swapped all the time.”
“Listen to me honey. They said, before she was born, her father lived around this area with his first wife. The wife was rumored to have a lover and the next day, the wife disappeared. He claims she left with her lover but the people think he killed her. But they have no evidence for it so he was not charged with anything.”
“But mom..”
“I’m not through yet Warren. They said after he killed his first wife, he disappeared for a few years then suddenly returned with a woman and a child in their midst. The child is Eavan. Eavan’s mother, the second wife, died when she was twelve for unknown reasons. Her father said she died of cancer but no one actually saw the body and the people here did a little investigation and they found out that the hospital in which he claims as the place where Eavan’s mother died actually never existed. Her whole life is enveloped with mysteries and lies Warren. I don’t want someone with a father like that to get close to my boy.”
His mother looked at him with pleading eyes.
“But it’s not her fault that her father is a killer of some sort mother. It’s not her to be blamed.”
“But honey, her family is dangerous. Don’t you see? Her father could hurt you, he could even kill you!”
“Mom, are you making this up? Is that how much you dislike her?”
Warren’s mom looked at him with flaming eyes then turned away. He heard her thundering across the house.
That night, he heard the screams once again. He waited outside her window for hours until he’s sure she’ll never come. Then she suddenly appeared.
“Help me out Warren, I can’t move my leg.”
“What did he do to you Eavan?”
“He just threw me around a bit.”
“A bit? You know, if you’re in such pain maybe we shouldn’t go tonight.”
“No, tonight we go. This is her anniversary; I want you to be there when we celebrate.”
Warren looked at her all the way to the cemetery. He had the funny feeling he knows where she’s headed and he didn’t want to be there. She limped ahead of him. He tried to assist her when they left her house but she wouldn’t let him. She preferred to walk alone. They arrived at a tombstone and she kneeled down in front of it. She looked at Warren with teary eyes and said
“Warren, meet my mom. Eleanor Beirne Gallagher. ”
Warren kneeled down beside her and looked at the tombstone. She died young, she died at 20.
Eavan suddenly stood up and made her way to another tombstone.
“This is my dad’s second wife. Her name is Lena. She’s the one I grew up with. But she died last year, on my 12th birthday. Can you believe it? She died right on my birthday!”
Warren looked pitifully at her and suddenly heard a crunching noise behind them. Her father stood behind them with a wicked grin on his face.
“I’m glad I found you Eavan. I’ve been looking for you. What a nice way to spend the evening, sharing family secrets with a stranger.”
He lunged at her and she screamed. He dragged her back to the house and locked the door. Warren followed and looked at the window. Eavan’s father was throwing her helplessly around. Glasses shattered, shelves broke and tables flew. Eavan was crying, pleading with her father. Suddenly, Warren felt strong hands circle around his waist and lift him. He looked over his shoulder and saw his dad.
“Dad! What are you doing here? You’ve got to help her dad! Look!”
His father brought him into his own room and locked him in. Warren tried to look out his window but it’s too dark to see. He saw his own father break the neighbor’s door in two and enter. That’s the last he saw before a lamp hit his right temple and he lost consciousness.


16 year old Warren Davies looked outside his bedroom window. It’s raining outside so he just locked himself in. He looked at the empty house next door. It’s been three years since he last saw Eavan. Three years since he walked into that very same house and found blood everywhere. He looked around the house for Eavan but found no sign or her, both she and her dad had simply disappeared. Just blood, lots of blood. The blood was everywhere. He couldn’t forget the sight of those bloods and the feeling, the feeling of death around the place. He’s already seen lots of psychiatrists who offered to help him get over the pain of losing a friend and seeing her blood everywhere but none helped. He tried asking his father what happened that night. His father always said the same thing, that when he entered the house, he saw nothing and no one, that it was too late. But Warren didn’t believe him. He’s already forgotten what Eavan looked like by now, but he’s sure that if he ever saw her again, he would recognize her, that is, if he ever saw her again. Unknown to him, an 18 year old girl covered in an emerald cloak was staring at him with deep, hollow eyes. Warren suddenly had the funny feeling he was being watched and looked out the window. The cloaked figure was there, looking in. He couldn’t see the eyes of course, but somehow, he knows that the figure is looking in. Someone knocked at his door and he was momentarily distracted, when he looked outside again, the cloaked figure was gone.

He was at school, specifically inside his classroom, when the cloaked figure made another appearance. He happened to look outside his classroom door and there it was, standing there, looking in. His teacher called his name and when he looked at the door, the figure was gone again.

His dreams were haunted by cloaked figures but in his dreams, the figure took the cloak off and he was relieved to find out that it was Eavan. Then he would wake up and his mom would be beside him, telling him to go back to sleep. How his mom knew he’s having nightmares, he never knew. One night, he dreamed that someone, a female, was calling his name over and over again. Then he suddenly woke up and found out that it was not a dream. Someone outside his window is calling him. He opened his window and almost screamed, it was like looking at a ghost. The person calling him has long, very long, dark hair, a slightly flat nose, and wide, staring eyes. It was Eavan! Warren almost fainted but he managed to invite her in, motioning her to keep quiet. With the dexterity of a skilled stalker, she climbed in and sat on his bed.
“I-I don’t know what to say. I thought you were dead. Mom said you were dead.”
“Amanda tells you lies.”
“But what did happen Eavan? What happened that night?”
“The night I disappeared? It doesn’t matter Warren. What matters is that we’re safe. That we’re both safe, you and me.”
“Eavan, you’re different. I mean, you’ve changed.”
“People change.”
Eavan started to make her way to the window when he caught her arm.
“Wait Eavan. Will we meet again?”
She smiled.
“Yes Warren, we will. Because that’s what I came back for.”
In an instant, she was gone. Warren was perplexed, she really has changed.

“Mom, can we talk?”
“Sure darling. What are we going to talk about?”
“I want to talk about Eavan.”
“Honey, do we really need to talk about her? I know how you feel when she’s brought up in a conversation--”
“No mom, I want to talk about her. I want to ask you if the people here ever mentioned who her mother was.”
“Why do you ask Warren?”
“I just find it odd that she was a daughter of her dad’s first wife when you said the stories say she’s a child of the second one.”
“How do you know she’s a daughter of the first wife?”
“She told me. I was thinking about her last night and I just remembered. She took me to their graves you know.”
“Eavan took you to her mother’s grave??”
“Yes, she even showed me the grave of the second wife, the one who took care of her. What I don’t get ma, is that why the stories say her father’s first wife ran off with her lover when Eavan was capable of showing me her grave. Of course, not all stories are true but they have some facts for basis right?”
Amanda looked at him strangely. He couldn’t quite read what’s in the look but it wasn’t astonishment or anger. It was something else, it was fear.

It was almost a month after Eavan’s first visit when she paid Warren another visit. She asked Warren to give her a tour around the city since she’s been gone so long the city has changed a lot. It took them most of the morning to see the pretty places and Eavan decided Warren needed to get home before his mom finds out who his little boy’s been going out with. As she turned to go, she dropped a page. Warren picked it up and was about to call her when he read the words “Dear Diary”. He didn’t want to read the page but his curiosity got the better of him so he opened it and read.

16 April 1978
Dear Diary,
I am so glad diary. Jason is coming home this weekend and I
can’t wait. I am with his child my dear diary. The child of the man I love so
dearly. He promised that he’d come back for me, after he sorted things
out with his father. When I have a daughter, I am going to name her Eavan,
after her great grandmother. She is going to grow into a lovely young woman
and she will find her knight. They will get married as me and my Jason has
and they will live happily ever after. But my dear diary, my happiness is not
brimming because I think my best friend Lena is mad at me. I asked her to come
live with me in this house last month and she accepted, but now, it seems that she
is avoiding me. Why dearest diary? Sometimes I catch her looking at my Jason
with longing and hopeful eyes. I know what that look means because I myself
have looked at him that way when I was still living in the clutches of a terrible
terrible man. This man hurt me, diary, he always did. And then I met Jason.
Jason saved me from a horrifying fate, Jason released me from the chains of a
man named Lle------

Warren swore. The page was torn. He didn’t even find out who wrote this diary. He read the page all over again and stopped when he saw the name “Lena”. He vaguely remembered Eavan showing him where her mother and her dad’s second wife were buried. He remembered looking at the name “Lena” on the tombstone. Is this the same Lena that raised Eavan? It must be; why would Eavan have it if it’s not so relevant? Somehow, he knows Eavan is keeping something from him.

Eavan became a constant visitor since then, but Warren’s Mom never did know who his little boy is meeting. She thought he was just hanging out with some friends. Eavan often invited Warren out and one day, she invited him on a picnic.
“This is the best day of my life Warren.”
“I guess you’re happy now that no one’s here to hurt you.”
“Well, I guess I am. He’s not my real father you know. My real father’s name is not Llewellyn.”
“Wait a minute, I never did find out the name of the dad you’ve known. You said his name’s Llewellyn?”
“Yes. The dad who I grew up with, the dad who always hurt me, the dad who is not my real dad.”
Warren was speechless, he remembered the page, he was sure now, that the name that was about to be mentioned at he very end of the paragraph is Llewellyn. The diary could’ve been written by Eavan’s mom! Otherwise, why would she have it?
“Warren? I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”
“I said what do you think of these cookies? I baked them myself you know.”

Warren slept late that night; he read the paragraph over and over. By the time it was midnight, he was sure that the diary was written by Eavan’s mom. Didn’t the writer say she would name her daughter Eavan? Warren wanted to ask Eavan about the diary but he thought it would be improper to do so; he has no right to read one’s diary, especially someone who isn’t even related to him.

“What happened to Llewellyn Eavan?”
“Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies Warren.”
Warren looked at her with awe, what did her statement mean? What really did happen that night?
“You know Warren, there’s something I want to show you, come here.”
She showed him a photo album.
“It’s my mom. This is her on her 16th birthday and this was on her 18th birthday.”
“Wow, you look so much like her. I wish I could’ve met her.”
Warren looked at the pictures and a particular one caught his eye. It was a picture of Eleanor Beirne Gallagher. She was walking down an old-fashioned, circular staircase that would’ve cost over a million. What caught his eye is not the lady on the picture of the staircase. He silently stared at another woman who didn’t realize she was caught in the picture. She was in a maid’s uniform and she was holding a mop on one hand. The other one was resting on a table. She has doing her work but her eyes were on the camera. It was those eyes that Warren recognized. If it weren’t for those eyes, he wouldn’t have recognized her at all. He looked at the date on the back. It said 4th of January 1979. He looked back at the picture.
“What’s wrong Warren?”
Eavan looked at him thoughtfully but he was speechless for there in that picture silently stood Amanda in a maid’s uniform.
“Warren? What’s wrong?”
“It’s my mom.”
“See that one over there? The one in the maid’s uniform? That’s Amanda, that’s my mom.”

Warren waited for his mother to arrive home that night. He had borrowed the photograph from Eavan, promising her that he would return it the next day. He wanted to hear what his mother has to say. The moment she arrived home, he greeted her at the door and followed her to the kitchen.
“Why are you following me Warren? Do you need something?”
Warren showed her the picture and she gaped at him.
“Where did you get this!?”
“It doesn’t matter where I got it. What matters is why you’re in that picture mom. This is a photo of Eavan’s mom, why are you here?”
“Where did you get this!?!?”
“Why are you in the picture mom? Did you know her? Did you know Eleanor Beirne Gallagher?”
Amanda looked at him with eyes full of fear and concern. She suddenly held his shoulders and shook him violently.
“From a friend!!”
“Who gave this picture to you? Who??”
“Eavan! Eavan gave it to me!!”
Amanda let go of his son and ran to her room, the photo flying after her.

“Warren, I have to leave.”
“You’re leaving again Eavan?”
“Yes Warren, I have to.”
“When will you return?”
“No Warren, you don’t get it. I’m leaving.”
“You mean you’re leaving this place? You’re never going to return again?”
“This may be the last time I see you Warren. So I’m giving you this. Don’t open it immediately, I may still have a chance to meet with you soon but I’m not so sure.”
“Wait Eavan, hold it. What’s wrong? Why are you so nervous? And why are you leaving again? And what’s in this large parcel?”
“You’ll know when it’s time to open it Warren. But as of now, don’t. As long as I’m here, as long as I’m alive, don’t open it.”
“What do you mean “as long as you’re alive?”
“Warren, I don’t have time to tell you. Tonight’s the time Warren. It’s tonight or never. Take care of yourself now Warren. Remember the parcel; never open it as long as nothing happens to me.”
“I’ll miss you.”
“I’ll miss you too Warren. Remember Warren, no matter what happens, don’t blame yourself for what might happen, understand?”
Eavan hugged Warren then suddenly left. She didn’t look back but walked straight ahead. Had she looked back, she would’ve seen Warren crying at her wake.

He heard the screams that night and he knew, he knew something’s wrong. He stood up and found his bedroom door locked.
“Damn! Dad! DAD!!! Can you hear me dad?!!? I’m locked in my room!!!”
After a few minutes, the door opened and his dad went in.
“She locked you in, didn’t she?”
“We don’t have much time. Come, we must save your sister.”
“My sister?”
Jason practically dragged his son toward the neighbor’s house, the house that was emptied 3 years ago, Eavan Beirne Gallagher’s house. As they entered, they immediately noticed the stillness. They tried turning the lights on but they wouldn’t work. Suddenly, out of nowhere, they heard a high pitched scream of a woman and they saw a woman rushing towards Jason with a knife on her hand. Warren screamed. Jason caught the woman’s hand and eased the knife off her hands, he then carried her towards the kitchen and put her down, but he still held her. Warren screamed when he saw the girl on the kitchen floor. It was Eavan; she had multiple stabs on her stomach and another one on her chest. Her eyes were closed but she was breathing. He then looked at the knife on the floor beside her, then on the woman Jason, his father, held. It was Amanda. She was fighting him, trying to break free but he wouldn’t budge. Warren shook Eavan. She opened her eyes and when she saw him, she smiled.
“I thought I would never see you again Warren.”
“Who did this to you?”
“My mom?? I don’t believe this.”
“Amanda is not your real mother Warren.” Warren looked around and found that it was his father that spoke.
“What did you say dad?”
“Father please, not now. I already have this taken care of. I gave him the documents, and a little something to help him remember what Amanda made him forget.”
Warren turned and found that this time, it was Eavan who spoke. Warren didn’t understand what’s happening. He was so confused. He suddenly heard Eavan calling him and he bent close to hear what she’s saying.
“Warren, the parcel I gave you. Get it.”
Warren obliged and was back in a couple of seconds.
“Open it.” His father ordered.
He opened it and found a large envelope, a VHS tape, some pictures and a book.
“Put that tape on and play it.” Jason ordered.
Warren did as he was told. They all waited as the screen came to life and they saw Eavan standing on a pavement. On her back was a large mansion, the biggest Warren has ever seen. Eavan began to speak to the camera,
“This is our house in Louisiana Warren. This is where we lived when we were little.”
The screen showed Eavan making her way across the house, showing them every room, every corner.
“Remember when we used to play here Warren?”
Warren couldn’t believe what he’s seeing; a part of him says that all this is not true. But a part of him could remember every part of the house on the screen, suddenly, everything came flooding back, the screams, the thunder, and the cries. He looked up at his father with eyes full of tears and his father spoke.
“Now you remember son. You remember living there, in that mansion. But I owe you the truth Warren. Let me start from the beginning.
“When Eleanor Beirne Gallagher decided to live with Llewellyn here in this house, at first, he was nice to her. But slowly, he was hurting her. Emotionally at first, he would go out with different girls every night and would not return home the next morning, and then he started hurting her physically. And then, Eleanor met me at a party. The first time I saw her, I knew I loved her. We began to see each other constantly, without Llewellyn knowing of course. And then, I asked her to come live with me. That night, I took her away. I took her to Louisiana. I thought she’d be safe there. I was wrong. I went to New York a few months after she was conceived with our second child to ask permission from my father to marry her. While I was away, everything went wrong. I came back to find the house deserted. I couldn’t find any trace of any living creature. I decided to go back here, thinking Eleanor might’ve decided to come back to Llewellyn. On my way here, I met a young woman carrying a young boy in her arms. I pitied her so I took her back here. That young woman is Amanda. And that young boy is you Warren. You are Eavan’s younger brother. She is two years older than you.”
Warren was speechless, everything happened so fast. But somehow, some pieces of the puzzle don’t fit. What happened to Eavan, to Eleanor? And what about Lena?
“I don’t understand father. What happened to Eavan? To Eleanor?”
“I think Amanda here would gratefully tell you the rest of the story.”
They all looked at her and she sank into a chair and cried. After she cried, she spoke.
“I didn’t take part in the massacre. I just took the little boy. It happened one night, while Llewellyn and Lena thought everyone was asleep. Llewellyn killed Eleanor out of spite because in a way, he did love her and it hurt him when he found out she ran off with another man. But he couldn’t do it alone. He had someone to help him. He had Lena. Lena loved you Jason, that’s why she took part in killing Eleanor.”
Jason closed his eyes in pain and nodded. Amanda continued her story.
“Everyone thought they were alone in the house. But they were not. Eavan saw it. She saw the whole thing. She saw how her mother struggled, how her mother died. She watched from the doorway, I watched through that secret passageway behind the closet. I held Warren close to me as it happened. He was crying like mad and I didn’t want us to be discovered. I didn’t blame Lena for what she did. She did it for love. She killed Eleanor so you would love her Jason, but Llewellyn took her by force. Llewellyn brought her back here to be his second wife. They took Eavan with him. But Lena knew Eleanor had a second child. They tried to look for him but they never found him because I took him, because I protected him the way a mother would his children .She had a hard life with Llewellyn so she took it on the girl. Eavan has had a harder life than both of them. She was grudged by Llewellyn and detested by Lena. I think it’s time I tell you my real identity Jason. I am Amanda Ridge, the elder sister of Lena Ridge.”
Amanda was crying now. Jason looked at her with wonder. Warren tried to speak but Amanda kept on talking.
“Forgive me Jason if I killed your daughter Eavan. I know she’s not dead yet, but she will be. Because I put poison on that knife I stabbed her with and I don’t regret doing it. She deserved it.”
Jason and Warren looked at her with disgust when she suddenly laughed a cold cruel laugh.
“She deserved it Jason, because she killed my sister. She killed Lena!”
Amanda suddenly struck herself with the knife right on her heart. She then fell on the ground beside Eavan and smiled.
“And now, my dear Eavan, together, we die. I can die now, now that my sister is avenged.”
She closed her eyes and waited for her dying moment. Warren and Jason knelt beside Eavan. Warren spoke first.
“Eavan, tell me it’s not true. Tell me you didn’t kill anybody.”
“I admit it Warren. I killed Lena.”
“But why Eavan?” asked Jason.
“I have to father. I have to do it to save Warren. I allowed her to hurt me but I would never allow her to hurt my baby brother. I’ve looked over you Warren, since you were a baby. Even after Amanda took you, I watched over you. I was your guardian angel. At night, I would silently climb into your room and hold you close. By day, I would look at you through the window and watch your every move. But one day, Lena found out. She found out who you were and one night, she made an attempt to kill you, out of hatred for her terrible fate. She put the blame on us when she didn’t get Jason’s love. I caught her that night. She was holding a knife like Amanda did. She put poison on the knife as Amanda did. She was outside your window when I ran after her and quickly stabbed her with her own knife. While she was plotting to kill you, she left the knife on the table and I took it and replaced it with another. When she was outside your window, I quickly killed her and pulled her into our backyard. I buried her myself and when Llewellyn got home, I told him I caught her trying to poison our food and that I had to kill her. He didn’t buy it. He’s been hurting me since then. Though Lena despised me, she’s the closest thing to a mother I got and in a way, she’s been a good mother to me too, she just hated me. Sometimes though, she would lock me in my room and not give me food or water for days but she would always return to care for me. She did take care of me but I’m not sorry I killed her, even if it means I have to repay with my own life.”
Warren spoke before Jason did.
“Eavan, what happened the night you and Llewellyn disappeared?”
Before Eavan could answer, Jason spoke.
“When I entered the house Warren, she was still stabbing Llewellyn’s body. I pulled her away and saw that Llewellyn’s body was badly mutilated. By then, I knew that she was my daughter. So I carried Llewellyn’s body and buried it on their backyard, beside Lena’s grave, and I took Eavan to a family I know and they cared for her. I had no idea she would one day come back here and change everybody’s lives.”
Warren was crying by now. He couldn’t believe he had a sister to look over him. Now he understood why when he was a child, he had the funny feeling someone other than Amanda has been caring for him. Sometimes at night, he would wake and find a stranger holding him but he didn’t cry or scream because he liked the company. He felt safe in Eavan’s arms. A thought suddenly struck him and he quickly asked Eavan.
“He’s been hurting you for over a year before I actually heard you screaming. Why didn’t I hear your screams before?”
“Because I never screamed before Warren. He used to hurt me for no reason before you met me Warren. But after I saw the way Amanda sometimes looked at me, I decided that before something happens, I need you to know about me. So I gave him a reason to hurt me and I screamed when he did hurt me, to get your attention. I planned the whole thing Warren; I planned you helping me that night. I knew you would come and help me. About those tombstones in that cemetery, I faked Lena’s grave. But our mother’s grave was genuine. After Llewellyn and Lena killed her, Llewellyn brought her body back here and buried her properly. I planned dropping the page of that diary Warren, so you would get a clue what’s going on. That page came from our own mother’s diary. I also planned showing you that photo album.”
Warren and Jason looked at her with sad eyes as she smiled and held Warren’s hand.
“I love you Warren. All those years you thought you were alone, I was with you all along. You just didn’t feel me but I was there.”
She then turned to Jason and said
“I love you dad. Thank you for everything.”
Her body suddenly convulsed and her eyes rolled back. Warren was crying and screaming at the same time. Jason felt tears rolling down his cheeks but he didn’t scream. He just watched his daughter die. Warren was frustrated, if Amanda hadn’t killed herself, he would’ve done so. He looked at Amanda in time to see her body convulse the way Eavan did and he silently cursed her. Jason meanwhile felt no anger that his daughter died, only regret. He regretted that he met his daughter too late. But at least, he knows wherever she is, she’s happy that the truth was revealed.


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