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You're hilarious


You're Hilarious

“I find nothing funny. I take life very seriously,” Alfred said to his wife, Trixie.

“We've been married for twenty years and I haven't heard you laugh once,” Trixie replied.

“I just don't find anything funny,” Al told her and went back to watching the world news.

“We can't give up,” Al and Trixie's daughter, Atty, said. “We have to think of something.”

Atty and Trixie thought and thought and then they decided to take him to laugh fest, which was a whole day of stand up comedy at the convention center. They had to beg and beg him and he was convinced that he would go but he said he wasn't going to laugh. Atty and Trixie knew otherwise.

That afternoon, they had watched twenty different comedians and Al hadn't laughed once. Atty and Trixie laughed and laughed the whole day but Al just sat there and raised his eyebrows when he got the joke.

“We can't give up,” Trixie said. “The next comedian is the best in the world and if he can't get Al to laugh, then Al is made of stone.”

The next guy got up and told a few jokes but they were lame as hell and Trixie didn't know what was wrong. Al started to have a smirk on his face but he didn't laugh and then another corny joke and another corny joke. Just when Trixie thought about leaving and giving up, the comedian told another corny joke.

“What's black, white, black, white, and green?” The comedian asked.

“What?” an audience member said in a lame voice.
“Two skunks fighting over a pickle!” The comedian cried.

Just then Al got down on the floor and laughed and laughed and laughed. Trixie and Atty smiled and had so much relief. They got down on the floor with Al and chuckled with him. No one else was laughing at all but all eyes were on Al, who was laughing so hard.

After about five minutes, Al was still laughing and laughing. The comedian said it wasn't that funny of a joke but Al kept on going. After about fifteen minutes of laughing, Trixie and Atty were telling Al they had to leave and they pulled him along, to the car.

The whole trip home, Al laughed and laughed in the back seat.

“Mom? Is he going to be okay?” Atty asked.

“He should be fine. He hasn't laughed in twenty years so just let him laugh it out,” Trixie told her.

It got to be around midnight and Al was still laughing just as hard as when he heard the joke. Trixie couldn't take it and went to sleep in the basement, but she could hear him just a little bit. She hoped that when she woke up, he wouldn't be laughing. Man, the joke wasn't THAT funny.

Trixie was wrong.

When Trixie got up at seven, Al was laughing so hard. Atty asked her if he had been laughing all night and Trixie said yes. Trixie yelled at him to stop but he kept going and going.

“I can't help it,” Al said between laughs. “It's too funny!”

“You cannot go to work laughing like that!” Trixie cried.

“I'll call in sick then. Hello, Boss. I'm sick with laughter!”

“Please stop,” Trixie begged.

“Laughing feels so awesome!” Al cried and laughed harder. “I don't want to stop!”

“Please dad! Stop!”

“No way!”

Atty and Trixie went to the mall to shop for clothes for school, leaving Al behind and they hoped that when they came back, it would be over. Trixie and Atty didn't find a whole lot and they went to get some lunch.

“He didn't laugh for twenty years and now look at him,” Trixie said. “I wish I could have the old Al back.”

“Or just have a happy medium where he laughs sometimes and is serious sometimes.”

When Trixie and Atty came home, it was silent. Trixie and Atty both breathed a sigh of relief and went to look for Al. They both called out for him but he didn't respond back. Trixie found him in the bathroom passed out and she yelled for Atty to call an ambulance.

Once they got to the hospital, doctors and nurses worked hard to save his life. They gave him CPR and the defibrillator and they worked and worked but it looked as if Al had had a stroke. The doctor came out to see Trixie and Atty but it wasn't good news.

“I'm sorry,” the doctor said. “It looks as if he had a stroke.”

“No, way!” Atty cried.

“Do you know what he doing before he died?” the doctor asked.

“He was laughing so hard,” Trixie replied. “He didn't laugh for decades and then he couldn't stop.”

“I don't know what could've been so funny,” the doctor said. “At least he died happy.”

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