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The truth of bloody mary

Many people think and say that bloody mary is a true story. when i heard it first, i was extreamly scared and thught it was true. but later i asked my parents about it. they said it was a made up. and i told my friend that its a made up. she did not believe me. i told my friend that if it was a true story my parents will tell me. and after a few days my friend also said i was a madeup. i did some researches on the internet about it and i knew it was fake. just to scare people. now i believe that it was a made up junk. and anyway, if you use your brain and think, you'll know i am telling the truth. a ghost coming out of a mirror? and killing you? i will not beleve that bloody mary. and if you believe, i'll be more than happy to call you an idiot...


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