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My Nightly Request

May my soul be summoned to the fiery pits of hell;
Allow it no dignity by baring the thought of Angelic wings;
For my heart is shallow and black.
Show no remorse or pity;
For the crimes of hatred and selfishness,
Have darkened my soul.

I will leave with open arms;
To the Devil who has painful plans for me to obey,
And horrid paths for me to pursue.

I shall not be remembered by the good deeds I may accomplish;
But by the sins I overcame,
And proudly danced upon knowing their wrongs.

May no pain or pity,
Be left in the eyes,
Of the ones who stood by me and guided me.

May the rare laughter I brought into the lives,
Of those I may have touched;
No longer fade their memories.

May my Pride still remain,
A signature to my voice.
And continue to strengthen those who believed;
I was more than what I appeared;
And ended up amounting to.

May my fears no longer haunt my wicked soul;
For the fire I embrace,
Shall seize my attempts to hide the fury.

May the silence to my hollow cries of Help,
Echo through these abandoned walls;
And be a constant reminder as to who I'll never be;
But strived so hard to be like.

My Fate of eternal Hell,
Has finally caught up with me.
Allow my forgiveness to Comfort,
The ones I love or Love me.
For any unnecessary worry or struggle,
I may have caused for my rivals or allies;
I will bleed your Anguish and Hatred.

May my scars be no longer visible;
To not only me,
But to those who may have caused them
To go deeper than they appeared.

May the pain and agony
Of every moment I was slumber or alert;
No longer force me to perceive with one eye open;
An eye that sustained a tear of blood.

May not only my Tears,
But the tears of others;
No longer fall and flood an
Empty heart or mutilated soul.

May my screams loose the competence
To surface and Control each arbitration or opinion.

Feel my words, And Hear my cry...
You can have
My heart, my soul, my life;
But beware the blackest of Black,
Can never be black enough.

I give you my Soul in exchange of Freedom.
A supremacy I will carry and treasure;
That no-being or spirit could yield.

Take me now,
For the impressions I leave behind;
Are a curse to those who walk among me;
That mark no Evil
Or share no blame.

I will enter upon Hell;
With Flames of Glory;
Following my dampened and doomed soul.

Open the Gates to Hell;
I am prepared to serve my Eternity.
My fear is my ambition;
My pride is my strength.
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