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Boy Dreams About Being Two of Jesus' Disciples




Greg Miller © 2012


The Sovereign Lord had given 10-year-old Montgomery a special gift.


Beginning at the age of eight, Montgomery could dream every single night about various characters. In every single dream, Montgomery took on the role of either an Old Testament or a New Testament male character.


Montgomery always told his mother, Martha, and his dad, Monticello, about his dreams. In the first two years of experiencing this gift, Montgomery had dreamt that he was Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Job, John the Baptist and King Herod, among many others.


One day, Montgomery announced to his mom, “I would like to dream that I am one of Jesus’ disciples.”


“Have you prayed to God about that?,” asked Martha.


“I sure have,” Montgomery replied. “And God is going to answer that prayer tonight.”


“Which disciple do you want to be in your dream?,” asked Monticello.


“Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are my favorite disciples,” Montgomery said.


“Matthew was a tax collector,” said Montgomery. “And Luke was a doctor.”


That night, Montgomery dreamt that he was alive in Israel during the days Jesus walked the earth. Immediately, Montgomery perceived that he was in the presence of the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Nazarene.


“Hello, Matthew,” Jesus addressed Montgomery. “I want to tell you how glad I am that you are one of my disciples.”


“I’m glad you didn’t hold my occupation against me,” said Montgomery/Matthew.


“Other than me, no one is perfect or sinless,” said Jesus. “I knew you were one of the specific men whom the Father had called to assist me in my earthly ministry.”


Montgomery awoke, keenly aware he had been with the Messiah. “Wow!,” Montgomery exclaimed. “That was great!”


Feeling a bit hungry, Montgomery walked into the kitchen and prepared his favorite snack: A turkey sandwich with two extra-thick slices of turkey and an equal number of thick slices of tomato. He quickly ate his sandwich and hopped back into bed, hoping for another dream.


Montgomery closed his eyes and, within moments was sound asleep, experiencing another dream. Once again, he was in Jesus’ presence. “Thank you for working with me in the ministry,” said the Lord.


“You’re welcome,” said Montgomery/Luke. “Thank you for allowing me to serve you.”


Wanting to speak to another of Jesus’ disciples, Montgomery/Luke walked up to Mark. “Good morning, Luke,” said Mark. “How are you this morning?”


“Fine,” replied Montgomery/Luke. “By the way, Mark, do you have a nickname?”


“No,” replied Mark. “Do you?”


“I do,” grinned Montgomery/Luke. “I am a doctor by trade, but you can just call me Doc!”


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