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It was a Sunday afternoon and the girls were hanging out inside their clubhouse

So what do you guys want to do today? Puppy asked them

I don’t know why don’t we see what’s playing in the movies. I heard that the new Potter movie was pretty good Vicky Dragonfly shrugged

Sounds like a plan let me see what times it starts Puppy answered her then pulled out her cell phone and went on line

Okay there’s one starting in two hours hey do you think that we should call the guys and see if they want to come? She added. Daisy Penguin was about to answer her when Tommy Cub and Sammy Turtle ran inside the clubhouse

Hey guess what! Sammy cried out Tommy just won some free private tour pass for inside the Buggy toy store!

Oh wow! Tommy that’s great! The girls told him

Thanks and what’s really cool is that I can bring as many friends as I want with me he smiled

What was the contest bout? Vicky asked. Tommy stretched his head before he answered

Honestly I don’t even remember entering any contest he shrugged

Then how did they get your name?

Aww who cares how! Maybe when we went to the video store last week. They automatically enter him in the contest or something like that Sammy answered for him. Now what are we waiting for we’ve a private tour to go to!

Whoa Sammy relax you’re more excite then me and I’m the one who won the contest! Tommy laughed

A few minutes later they parked their bikes in front of the toy factory and walked in. Tommy was about to ring the doorbell in the front lobby when he spotted a pair of sharp fangs heading straight towards him. Tommy tried to get out of his way but he was to slow the dog bite right into his jeans

Sammy don’t just stand there! Help me! He cried out. Sammy was about to go towards him when a bear with thick glasses ran out of the door and yelled

Wilfred no!

He then aimed the remote control at the dog and pressed the off button

I guess he’ll have to go back into the lab and get rid of the bugs

You mean that was just a toy dog? Tommy frowned

I’m afraid so howdy my name is Ted Gil I’m the chief toy designer here at Buggy Toys. And you must be our contest winner Tommy and company I’ve been waiting for you kids. Ready to experience the coolest tour of your lives? He asked. And before any of them could answer him he swiped a key card over a panel and let the gang into the warehouse. Inside there were rows of shelves lined up across

from another stacked up to the ceiling with toys and video games. Puppy started to follow the gang towards the video game station when something caught her eye. It was a baby doll dressed in a pretty pink dress pull herself out of her box. And before she jumped off the shelve she stuck out her tongue in Puppy’s direction then jumped and ran off

When Puppy caught up with the gang she told them

Hey you’ll never guess what I just saw--- umm where’s Mr. Gil?

Oh he said that he had to go and check on something he’ll be right back. So what did you see that got you so excited? Tommy answered her

This baby doll came to life and stuck out her tongue to me before she just ran off Puppy explained

Oh wow! Where did she run off to I want to see it Tommy answered

I don’t know Mr. Gil told us to wait here what if he comes back and gets upset or something Sammy shrugged

I doubt it Sammy we’ll just write him a note saying that we’ll be right back. That we had to go to the bathroom or got something to drink Tommy answered him

A few minutes later they were walking up and down the aisles looking for the baby doll. When the lights suddenly turn off

Whoa! Hey we’re still in here! Turn the lights back on Daisy cried out

Oh great! He probably forgot we were still in here and now we’re going to be stuck in here all night Sammy sighed

Really Sammy how is he just going to forget that we’re back here Vicky frowned. Puppy was about to answer her when a toy pig suddenly popped out of his box along with the other toys. Soon the warehouse was full of toys just laughing and talking with each other. The gang snapped out of their trance when the lights flicked back on and quickly found a place to hide

Oh wow! There’s the doll that I was telling you guys about Puppy whispered over to them. They silently watched as the baby doll picked up a mic and cried out

Okay break time over losers!

Umm Miss Baby doll we seem to have a problem a toy police man interrupted her

What kina of problem? The baby doll frowned. The toy police man turned and pointed towards where the gang was hiding

Oh I see good job don’t worry I’ll deal with them

She walked over to them and smirked

You shouldn’t be in here now I’ll make sure you’ll never leave here. We’ve a kid alert! Don’t just stand there and let them get away! Because if you fools do I’ll make sure I’ll have every one of your batteries ripped out!

The gang was to shock and confused to speak they just stared at one another. Then dashed out of their hiding spot and kept running until they reached the nearest exit. Sammy was about to open the door when he heard an angry voice coming from the bottom of his foot

Excuse me but do you mind getting off my foot!

Sammy looked down and noticed that he was stepping on a toy pig’s foot. The same one that they saw moments ago

Oh umm sorry I didn’t see you there Sammy answered

That’s okay I get that a lot any way I wouldn’t go through that door if I were you. You don’t know if baby doll set a trap for you kids behind the door. The only way that you’re going to get out of here is by turning off us toys the toy pig explained

Huh? And how can we do that we don’t even know how--. Hey wait a minute why should we listen to you? How do we know that you’re not setting us up? Tommy interrupted frowning

Because this place used to be a fun and safe that was before baby doll and her goons moved into our warehouse. We all used to laugh and play together there wasn’t a division between us toys like there is now. Now if you don’t do as she tells you one of her goons will hold you down and they’ll rip out your batteries. Some of the baby toys are so scared of them that they refuse to come out of their boxes

Oh that’s awful I hate it when kids bully other kids just because they believe they could. I don’t care if you’re toys or not Puppy frowned

Oh she’s more than a bully she has a secret plan the toy pig answered her

A secret plan? Daisy frowned. The toy pig glanced round to make sure that none of baby doll’s goons were listening

Some of the other toys and I overheard her talking to her goons. She was telling them that as soon as they get brought to make sure they

create enough chaos in that home. That they’d be punished for the rest of their lives cause no one’s ever going to believe them. When they cry that it wasn’t them it was their toy who did it

Oh wow! We really have to stop her now before she destroys every kid’s lives out there! Tommy cried out

Yah but how? Sammy added

You’ve to find the key that will shut us off rumor has it that she hides it inside the trunk of her car--. And before the toy pig could finish an angry voice cried out

Attention all monsters! I’ve a very special treat for you here on aisle four! Go get them boys and make sure you clean up after you’re done!

And before the monsters could reach the gang they took off searching for the baby doll’s car. And after a few minutes Daisy finally spotted it

Oh good the key is just sticking out of the trunk!

She went to grab the key and was about to stick it inside her pocket

You know that’s the wrong key the one you’re looking for is hidden underneath her spare tire one of the other dolls cried over to her

Huh? How did you know what we’re looking for? Daisy frowned

Don’t worry we’re on your side we’d to see Miss bratty get what she really deserves the doll frowned. Daisy quickly searched inside of the trunk and found the key

Okay I got it! Let’s get out of here!

And before she could finish the gang noticed that there was a group of army men blocking their exit with their guns pointing directly at them. And before they made their move the baby doll walked over and smiled

Good job boys! We’ve them comer now let’s show these nosey kids how it feels to be treated like an abused toy!

And who says we’re not toys just like you guys? Puppy suddenly blurted out

What? Don’t listen to her boys! There’s no way they’re like us. They’re just saying that so we don’t cream them the baby doll frowned

Yah baby doll is right if they were toys they would’ve shown us their batteries by now one of the army men added. And before he could continue Tommy picked up one of the golf clubs off the floor and started whacking them with it. When they hurried back towards the exit door they noticed Mr. Gil lying on the floor. Vicky ran over towards him and shocks him by his shoulders

Mr. Gil are you okay? What happened?

I don’t know I was walking towards my office and the next thing I knew I felt a sharp pain then everything went black he shrugged

It was probably one of baby dolls goons they probably whacked you over the head with something Sammy told him

Baby doll’s goons? Mr. Gil asked frowned

Yah the toys are alive and there’s an evil doll called baby doll. She and her goons have been bulling the other toys and that’s not all. She

has this secret plan to destroy any kid who buys one of them. But this toy pig he told us how we can make sure that doesn’t happen all we’ve to do is to turn them off with this key Daisy quickly explained. And before Daisy could put the key inside the turn off box Sammy interrupted her

Wait! Where’s that toy pig? I wish there’s a way that we don’t have to turn him off to

And before any of them could answer a voice came from behind them

I’m right here! That was very nice that you thought of me but you’ve to hurry. I don’t think my friends can hold off baby doll and her goons for very long. I want to thank you kids for helping us the toy pig smiled

Okay Daisy do it good bye I don’t think none of us will ever forget you or your friends Sammy smiled back

Soon afterwards the lights suddenly flicked off then back on again

What happened? Vicky asked once they were standing outside the hall way

I guess we did it we turned them off and they went back to just being regular toys Daisy answered her

Whew! That was a close one I thought we were all goners for sure the toy pig sighed

Hey! How come he still alive! I thought once we shut off all the toys he’d be shut off too? Puppy asked frowning. Mr. Gil patted Puppy on top of her head and laughed

I’m afraid that I’ve a confession to make you kids just tested a new video game from the Buggy Toy Company. That we’ve been working on call Toy Scare the plot of the game is what would happen if we locked up a group of kids inside of warehouse with some wicked toys chasing them

What? You mean this was just some kina of test none of this was real? Tommy cried out

I’m afraid not son that even our good friend Mr. Pig here see if I click on this button on the remote he’ll disappear. He’s part of the computer programming we just want to see if it was scary enough for you kids Mr. Gil smiled

Oh wow! Can we please play it again! Tommy cried out. And before Mr. Gil could answer him

A voice cried out form nowhere that sounded a lot like baby dolls

Oh yes Tommy please do play again! But just know that this time you’ll never make it out!

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