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Family Discusses Bible Books


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Lois and Leonard were thrilled that their city’s schools were back in session.


“I want our children to learn everything they can learn during their years in school,” said Lois. “So it is very important that they attend classes every day.”


“Right, Honey,” Leonard agreed. “That’s one of the reasons I left my job in the corporate world and started my own home-based business. I’ll always be able to take the kids to school and pick them up from school.”


“And as a stay-at-home wife and mother, I can more easily monitor their educational progress,” Lois said.


Lois and Leonard had three children: Lenny, a third-grader; Lorna, a fourth-grader; and Lennetta, a second-grader. All of the children, thanks to Lois and Leonard, developed good study habits, and all of them earned good grades in school.


Lenny wanted to grow up to become a policeman. “I want to save lives and protect property,” he said.


Lennetta’s dream was to work as a nurse. “I want to work in a hospital neo-natal intensive care unit,” she said. “I really want to help save the lives of little babies.”


Lorna had already begun planning her future. “I’m going to go to college and earn a degree in business administration,” she said. “Eventually, I want to own a string of businesses.”


Lois and Leonard also took their children’s spiritual education seriously. Each child was required to read the Bible book of their choice each month and give an oral report to mom and dad.


Matthew was Lorna’s favorite book. “Matthew was a tax collector,” Lorna said. “So I’m sure he had a great mind for business.”


Luke was Lennetta’s favorite book. “Luke was a doctor,” she said. “Since I want to be a nurse, I’m sure that reading took of Luke on a regular basis will help me to better understand the role of nurses in caring for their patients.”


Lenny’s favorite book was Psalms. “A lot of the Psalms help me to feel peaceful,” said Lenny. “And I think if I’m going to work as a peace officer there will be some times I’ll need all of the peace I can get.”


“What’s your favorite Bible book, Mom?,” asked Lorna.


“My favorite book is Proverbs,” said Lois. The book is filled with so much practical advice about living a godly life.”


“What’s your favorite book, Dad?,” asked Lennetta.


“Well, it’s like this,” Leonard chuckled. “The whole Bible is God’s Word and is jam-packed with God’s truth. So my favorite book of the Bible is the one I happen to be reading at the time!”




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