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Here comes the night

Here comes the night

a short story

Graham Sclater

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Here Comes the Night

Bobby lay on his sun bed and tried desperately to enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun as it beat down onto his pale body. Two weeks earlier the specialist had given him the all clear. But as the sun bore down on him he couldn’t help thinking of the crazy night just a few months earlier when for the first time in his short teenage life he had finally begun to enjoy himself. Everything was good, a new job with prospects and Gemma, a girlfriend who adored him.
His mistake was to give in and take her to a club that he knew would cause him trouble. They arrived at Mango’s after a few drinks at the local pub, the Vadis Club had been chosen for the celebration of Gemma’s birthday the following week, but because Bobby knew that he would be away that night they decided to do something different. Mango’s was certainly different.
Bobby stood at the bar amongst what he considered to be mostly misfits, people that he now tried hard to avoid since getting his new job and meeting Gemma. As always, one thing led to another and within an hour they were talking to another couple, George and Julie, who effectively forced two capsules onto them. Refusing to take any payment except a drink Bobby considerately bought another round of drinks as a way of thanking them and the couple swallowed the pills.
An hour later the four of them were dancing, in a way that they Gemma and Bobby found hard to identify with, continuing until three o’clock in the morning. They lost all track of time and finally as the DJ played the last record they all danced their way out of the club. Neither of them remembered the short walk home but they both agreed that it had been different and fun.
At the last moment, Bobby‘s night away on Gemma’s birthday was cancelled and they were able to spend the night together. Gemma having enjoyed the last night out persuaded Bobby to hold the party at Mango’s. He tried to persuade her to change her mind but it was pointless, after all it was Gemma’s birthday.
Within a few minutes of being in the club George approached them and seemed genuinely pleased to see them. He handed Gemma two capsules, she took them passed one to Bobby and together as though it was a ritual they each swallowed one, but this time George stood looking at her until she opened her handbag and handed over ten pounds. At first Bobby shrugged his shoulders but pleased to be home for Gemma’s birthday gave her a kiss and guided her towards the dance floor. The night was perfect they kissed, drank and again reluctantly left the dance floor when the DJ played his final record.
As they collected their coats George walked towards them and invited them to a party at his flat. They both agreed. George let the lovebirds; as he constantly referred to them, sit in the back seat of his gold BMW. After a short drive they found themselves pulling into the car park of a luxury dockside development in the centre of town. George smiled as he opened the rear car doors and let them out. The nudges between Gemma and Bobby said it all; they were more than a little surprised at where George lived. At first they thought that it was some sort of joke but when he took a small black remote control from the glove compartment and pointed it at the security gates and they opened they knew that it was for real.
George’s flat, was in fact a luxury apartment on the top floor, with breathtaking views across the bay, and from the balcony it was possible to look across the Bristol Channel. He offered them drinks and before they were finished he opened a small decorative inlaid box and offered Gemma the opportunity of sampling the contents. At first, she was nervous so he teased her. “It’s your birthday go on.” She looked at Bobby but he nodded to her and reluctantly she took two small white tablets swallowing them with her whiskey. George them opened a second box and tempted Bobby to take out several brightly coloured capsules and again swallow them with his brandy.
Within a few seconds Bobby fell asleep on the leather Chesterfield and Gemma soon became oblivious to what was happening to her as the room started to spin. Before she knew it George carried into his bedroom where he showed her no mercy.
While he slept, subconsciously he heard the screams and gradually came around and after gathering his thoughts, unsteadily, he rolled off of the settee and staggered towards the bedroom. George heard him coming and as Bobby staggered into the bedroom and stood looking at Gemma splayed out on the bed, George hit him hard over the head rendering him unconscious.

Almost asleep on the sun bed Bobby could hear footsteps approaching. Gemma tapped him on the shoulder. “Have you had enough yet?”
Bobby looked up and smiled at Gemma as she helped him to climb into his wheel chair. Even now after several months he often lost control of his feelings and tears filled his eyes. “Gemma, where would I be without you?”
“Come off it, it was you who saved me. Where would I be without you?”
Gemma had been given the date rape drug and had suffered terribly, but when Bobby entered the bedroom he had almost certainly saved her from a fate worse than death. But having been disturbed, in anger, George had thrown Bobby from the balcony of the building allowing Gemma the chance to escape.
Bobby was immediately taken to intensive care and it was several days before he regained consciousness. His back, and legs had been broken and, unable to walk; he was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Bobby hated the anticipation of waiting for the night, and the darkness, because as it began to get dark he relived the last moments of his once normal life.
What had started out as a celebration of their young lives had ruined them forever.
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