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lucy smoky and me



chapter 1

“Wake up sleepy head “said Lucy’s mother. Lucy’s mother had blonde flowing hair with brown tips. “Lucy had woken up with her hair standing on end as if she was frightened “mum told me. Later Lucy combed her hair down for breakfast. When she was half way down the stairs she could hear the tide crashing into waves “mum can we go and have a bathe in the sea with our brand new costumes “we pleaded

“Of course you can after breakfast but also you could the picnic basket actually I’ve had a brainwave why don’t we all go “said mum

“We’ll get it “we both shouted and ran to it at the same time.

There was sleeping their cat named smoky of his colour he was a brownish black cat .He heard a stampede of feet and as quick as a flash he got onto his hind legs but he had difficulty getting off the couch so I called him “come on smoky “I said putting my hands out for him to jump onto he jumped aboard on my hand and I walked over to where we were packing. Then we went for breakfast after that we took Smoky for a garden walk.


Later when we let Smoky back in we got ready to go. We thought we shouldn’t leave Smoky behind so we all went. So we took some cat food for Smoky. We raced down to the beach to go into the water. I got there first then Smoky then Lucy last but not least mum because she was carrying everything .When we got to the bottom of the beach we took everything of except from our swimming costume we then ran in the water and dived when the wave was big and jumped when it was small.

chapter 2

Later when we could not feel our toes we got out and dried our self so we wouldn’t stick to the sand .But we didn’t get changed, we woke mum by covering her with sand later we ate our lunch we had



Plums pulled from the garden


After we ate we lazed about sun bathing  later we went to the hole we were digging before and we looked in .and there was Smoky stuck she looked really scared as if she was goig to curl up into a ball.


Mum went in and got him just before the sand broke in we waited till they came out and we gave Smoky a big hug and went back home




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