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At the Breakfast Table

At The Breakfast Table................

It was a very gloomy day, in the Howell family, and nobody had got out of the right side of the bed in the morning.

Mrs Howell, dressed in her office suit grumbled. She sighed. Was anyone going to say anything. She looked around. Her husband, Mr Howell, banged his spoon on the table ever so violently, that his cereal nearly slopped onto the floor. Her 16 year old son, Richard, slumped at the table, muttering something under his breath. His orange, ginger hair was tousled and untidy. Her daughter, Anni, was constantly looking in the mirror, and biting her fingernails. It was her part time job interview today and then she was going to head to Oxford University straight away, to accept the invitation, she had been given. 

Suddenly, Richard, kicked Anni under the table, making Anni's mirror smash onto the floor.

"RICHARD!" Anni kicked her brother, with her higheels so violently, that he toppled over onto the floor. His legs kicked his suprised father's chair, and his father flew of his chair and onto the breakfast table. Mr Howell's face was covered with cocoa powder and milk. He looked like he had rubbed his face with the wrong face cream. Meanwhile, Anni, who was on the floor, kicked her brother on the ear. He jumped up with rage, and banged the table with his head, causing the table to topple over onto Mrs Howell's foot. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Mrs Howell screamed with fury and annonyance.

Everyone stopped. Mr Howell stopped pouring the cereal on the floor onto his son's face. Anni stopped rubbing Richard's school uniform, with the cat's breakfast. Richard stopped punching his sister on the shoulder.


There was a scramble and then everyone stood up on the messy floor. Mr Howell with his cocoa covered face, Anni with a bruised arm and a bruised leg, and Richard with a half torn school uniform. The three of them looked like, they tought Mrs Howell was a fox launching upon its prey. All of them cleaned the table and the room and sat down to eat breakfst again. Anni eyed Richard. She mouthed the words"You are sooo gonna pay for this, you you. She stopped. Her father gave her a stern look.

"Oi, Richard, have you seen your uniform, it looks like, a dog has had it for breakfast."

"Anni, go and have a bath, there seems to be an awful stench around you, which is making me choke.....

"SILENCE!" Screamed Mrs Howell and Mr Howell in unison.

Anni and Richard stopped. 


"Now,let us all go outside, and be peaceful, I'm going to drive you all in my car, to avoid any accidents!" Mr and Mrs Howell spoke threatingly.

They all rushed to the door after breakfast finished. After 10 minutes, they were all outside. Anni was still angry that Richard had got away with it. Sneakingly, she poured her leftover juice in her bottle down his jumper and scared him!



Richard fell on the wet ground, ripping his newly bought and expensive uniform.

"ANNI!" screamed both her parents and now the sobbing Richard!

Anni turned around. She showed her innoncent face.


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