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“ Foolosity “
My voice hits its stride…. It’s choking and floating now miles away.
Relationships wanted, without the ship part sailing.
I just want to hold you for a little while.
Now I’m thinking…that the danger’s passed…it’s gone.
Somewhere along the road I must’ve taken a course in foolosity.
And if you believe in a handful of moments… the color of my eyes will have changed….will have rearranged.
I found myself crossing in a silver stream….striding right through your beautiful silver dream.
Ransacked by love…she mentioned to me ..It’s all trivial but captivating.
A spellbinding utter of wisdom speaks restlessly…. the intention exalted.
An over-step for my tongue in a flood of words…. Left in a spray of silence for anyone but me.
I wish you could see yourself the way that I see you.
You’re the sun that fills the morning, and you’re the oceans color blue.
I’m not asking for anyone to understand me, but to not let me stand-alone.
Many paths are new for me, except the crooked one…There.. Lost love will meander and run.
It seems that time stood still in this leftover view.
I hear that if you are midway and elegantly devastated that the strands of your heart will hang there in the most beautiful rainfall that you’ll ever be apart of.
I went to open my eyes one day, from the darken shades.
Only to find someone new…That would be you…
And if it would still be okay I’d like to hold you for a little while longer.
Hold you until I can remember how to love someone again…I hope that could be you.
I hope to be lead to believe that the bottom is actually a mountain in disguise,
A ridge of night falls in danger of over sleeping…of over achieving.
Tell someone for me that the pieces, I think, are just resting visibly ahead…..
And if I could just remember how to profess that mercy can’t be just a joke,
That it is possible that a sprit can ache, and that the day before can just break?
Now just when I thought that my heart had lost it’s sound.
An angel stood aside…she kissed a song into my voice…. And for an overlapping moment……. I was found.
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