JANE AND YOU AND THE GATEKEEPER | By: Terry Collett | | Category: Poem - Love Bookmark and Share


You sat with Jane 
on the grass
in the field
beneath the Downs 

she was looking
at the sky
and you
were watching her

her profile
her hair pulled back
in a ponytail
her eyes bright

as new coins
her pale blue dress
and white ankle socks
and brown sandals

she followed a butterfly
fluttering by
a Gatekeeper
she said

you said
there that butterfly
it’s called a Gatekeeper

you turned to watch
the butterfly
 she had pointed to
as it fluttered off

down the field
stopping now and then
to land on flowers
I love butterflies

she said
how do you know
all their names?
you asked

I read Daddy’s books
he has a number of books
on butterflies and moths
she said

she lay back
on the grass
and stared
at the sky

you lay down
beside her
your hands
behind your head

she smelt of lavender
you noticed
you breathed it in
let it fill within you

don’t you read books?
she asked
turning to look at you
taking in your white shirt

and blue jeans
I’m reading a book on birds
you said
I bought it in town

the other week
that’s a start
she said smiling
I guess so

you said
I didn’t realize
there were so many kinds
she studied you

as you spoke
resting her head
on her hand
maybe we can go looking

for nests next year
when they begin
to nest again
she said

you said
not to touch though
she said

just to look
birds don’t like
their nests disturbed
in London

we only have sparrows
and pigeons
you said
how boring

she said
you watched
her lips moving
as she spoke

her eyes on you
studying you
I’m glad you’re here
you said

glad to be here
she replied
she touched her fingers
to her lips

and blew you a kiss
and you did likewise
seeing a new world
in her deep dark eyes.

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