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Triplets Open Amusement Park

© 2012 Jordan and her sisters, Janette and Jocyln, decided to open amusement park. The triplets wanted to operate a family-oriented amusement park, and they wanted to offer some unusual amenities. Their father, Josiah, provided financing for the venture. “I know the Lord will bless this project, since you’re using it to glorify him,” Josiah told his daughters. The sisters brainstormed for ideas about how to make the venture as successful as possible. Jordan provided the first idea that was adopted. “I think we should offer a free dessert to everyone who purchases a dinner at one of the park’s restaurant,” she said. “Plus, children ages six and under can eat free.” “That’s a wonderful idea,” remarked Joclyn. “And it needs a wonderful name. “We can call it ‘Jordan’s Magical Dessert.’” Janette’s idea was the next to be accepted. “My idea is very unusual,” she bragged. “The center of our park will be so tranquil, with all the wildlife and waterfalls. Why don’t we offer a daily contest for some lucky couple to have their big day’s events at the park? And since I’m engaged to be married, I figured my fiance, Jack, and me could be the first couple to be married there. We can call it Janette‘s Magical Weddings.” She continued, “Also, this idea should result in increased park attendance, because of all the people in the various wedding parties.” “What’s your idea, Joclyn?,” asked Janette. Joclyn replied, “We can declare one week out of every month a special park holiday, where we only charge half the normal admission fee. I think we’ll make a ton of additional money by doing that. So one week in each month will be declared Joclyn‘s Magical Half Price Days!” “I think you’re right,” Jordan agreed. Jordan also wanted to share other ideas with her sisters. “I think we should operate as a for-profit park Monday through Friday. On Saturday, we can let various non-profit agencies use the park to raise funds for their various outreaches. “On Sunday, we’ll close down all the rides, games and restaurants, and host an all-day worship service. Admission to the park will be free, and everyone can spend all day worshipping God.” Janette and Joclyn agreed that Jordan’s ideas were fantastic. “Especially the part about the picnic lunches,” Joclyn said. “If everyone shows up with nothing to eat, we may not have a boy show up with fish and bread. And even if we do, we may not have anyone who can feed an amusement park filled with people with such a small amount of food!” To contact the writer of this column about speaking engagements (including Christian Comedy Fundraisers) and/or puppet ministry, please email [email protected].

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