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I can’t believe that Miss Eagle thought taking us on a field trip inside a museum of culture would be a fun idea? Tommy the tiger cub pouted

Stop being such a big whiner Tommy, Vicky the dragonfly answered him I think its kina cool that we get to explore without having any tour guide. Telling us where we can go or where we can’t

And speaking of Miss Eagle we better hurry up and get back to the main lobby. You know how mad she gets when any of us are late Daisy the penguin added

They finished their jumbo dogs and walked out of the food court and headed towards the main lobby. Which was empty

That’s weird I could’ve sworn that she told us to meet her back here around two Cookie said

Well we still have a few minutes why don’t we go and check out some of the paintings then come back Sammy the turtle suggested

Ten minutes later they returned back to the main lobby

I wonder where she’s? Daisy asked

I don’t know maybe we should go look for her I don’t want to just be sitting around waiting for her all day Tommy frowned. They walked

down a long hallway looking out for their history teacher when they came upon a slightly opened door

Hey maybe she’s in here Sammy said before he opened the door

Inside was a skinny bird wearing a long lab coat leaning over a computer. That was hooked up to a strange looking clock

Well it’s about time you all got here you must be my new volunteers that I’ve been waiting for. Let me introduce myself I’m Mr. Dutch he started to explain without looking up from the computer screen

Umm sorry we’re not we’re actually just looking for our history—Cookie began

Come, come no need to explain your tardiness here quickly put these on he instructed giving them each a big chain with a stop watch at the end of it

Now we can begin he added

Begin what? Vicky asked. He pointed to her chain and explained

If you press the top button of your stop watch you’ll travel back in time. If you press the bottom button you’ll travel to future and when you had enough fun going back and forth. All you’ve to do is press the middle button and you’ll zoom back

Oh cool! Both Tommy and Sammy cried out both at the same time

Umm I don’t know that we should we really should be looking for Miss Eagle, Daisy began

Who’s Miss Eagle? Mr. Dutch asked

She’s our history teacher we came on a field trip with her after our lunch break. We were supposed to meet her back in the main lobby

but she never showed up. So we’ve been looking all over for her Cookie began explaining

Oh my! I was never informed about any field trip but I’m afraid that I’ve some disturbing news for you kids. I had to step out of the office for a few minutes and when I returned I noticed something coming out of my computer screen. I’m afraid that your teacher somehow got trapped inside my time machine if you kids don’t get her out. Before the day is through she’ll remain stuck in there forever Mr. Dutch answered shaking his head

Oh no! Cookie sobbed

Now, now according to my facts your teacher’s somewhere in the past. You kids will just have to go in find her and bring her back before the days is over he shrugged. The gang just looked at one another they really didn’t want to go through with it. But they knew they really didn’t have much of a choice either. They had to go in and rescue Miss Eagle before it was too late. They step inside the time machine and a few later they all got a funny feeling coming over their bodies. As they were flying through a dark tunnel

A few minutes later they were standing in the middle of an open green field

Oh wow! It really worked! Tommy cried out

Yah but where are we? Sammy asked and before any of them could answer him. A black knight rode passed them on a black horse

Whoa! Did you guys see that? Daisy asked

Yah I say that we should follow him and see where he goes Tommy answered. They ran after the knight until they reached the entrance to a stone castle

Halt! State your names strangers! A strange voice from behind them yelled. The gang turned around and noticed that there was a knight standing right behind them

Umm well sir we come from a very far place and we’re looking for our teacher. You haven’t seen her around here have you? Cookie explained. The knight just stared at them for a few minutes before he answered

I haven’t seen this stranger that you speak of but if you follow me. I shall take you to see the king

They followed the knight into the castle and straight towards the king’s chambers. They were about to turn the corner when they heard a horrifying scream coming from inside the room

They quickly rushed in and noticed that the room was surrounded by a dozen knights waving their swords in the air. The gang watched in horror as one of the knights lifted Miss Eagle high over his head. And was about to toss her over the balcony. Cookie quickly grabbed the stop watch around her neck and pressed the bottom button on it. Soon afterwards a blue mist surrounded the room and everything turned black

Hold it right there! Don’t you know that you kids are not allowed out in the streets after sun down! A voice from behind them cried out

Huh? Sorry but we’re not from around here we were just looking for our—

Trouble and trouble is what you found little one the robot interrupted now I’m going to let you all go with a warning this time. But if I ever see you kids out here again I’ll take you in no questions asked he added before he flew off

Oh wow! That was a close call we better get off the streets and hide someplace before that thing decides to change his mind Tommy suggested

Yah what was that thing any ways it looked like some kind of robot or something like that. I wonder why we can’t be out after dark? Daisy added. Sammy was about to answer her when a paw fell upon his shoulder

You guys are not from around here are you? A small dog asked them the name is Mac by the way

Hi I’m Cookie and these are my friends Sammy, Daisy, Tommy and Vicky. And no we just got here with our teacher Miss Eagle but we got split up somehow. And have been looking for her ever since you haven’t seen her by any chance have you? She explained

No but right now we’ve to hide before your new friend comes back and finds us out here. Follow me I know of a place that’s safe to talk Mac answered her

The gang followed Mac down a man hole and into a tunnel that lead to a large room. That was lite with a bunch of lanterns

What’s this place? Cookie asked looking round the room

This is my secret hideout well not really this was my dad’s lab. That was until the robots took over the city and took him away. But before they took over my dad and his partner helped build and programed them. But something went wrong and a war broke out

What kind of war? Vicky asked

A robot war I guess they got tired of doing what we programmed them to do. And started turning on them and fighting back and started treating us like slaves. And anyone caught disobeying their new laws will be taken in and held inside their headquarters. But that’s all going to change really soon those nasty robots are going to get a very special surprise Mac explained

Oh wow! Umm we really would love to stay and hear more about it but we really should get back looking for our teacher Sammy told him

Oh umm I’m afraid that I lied to you guys before I did see your teacher. Just a few minutes before you arrived there was a loud bang and when I peeked my head through the man hole. I saw a bunch of robots taking her away kicking and screaming

Oh no! Do you’ve any idea where they took her to? Cookie asked

Sure they probably took her to their headquarters that’s where they took all their outsiders Mac answered

Oh great we’re never going to get her out of there Daisy sighed

Well I can think of one way that might work Mac smiled

Oh yah how? Tommy frowned

Mac opened the top drawer to one of the cabins and took out a map and a small red box then gave it to him

Here all you’ve to do is place this box inside their main computer room. Set the timer and bang! Their whole system will be blown up to a million pieces killing all the robots Mac explained

Are you nuts? How do you expect us to just walk inside their headquarters and blow it up! Sammy cried out

Simple all you’ve to do is tell the guard at the front office that you were sent by the big heads. To reboot their system Mac shrugged

A few minutes later they were standing by the front gate

I wasn’t told anything about having the computer system rebooted. I didn’t even know that there was something wrong with it the robot frowned

Yah well that’s what they told us we’re just following our bosses orders. Now if you want us to go back and tell them that we couldn’t do our jobs because you weren’t informed that’s okay with us Tommy shrugged. The robot just looked at him for a few seconds then answered

No there’s no need to do that you kids know where it is or do I need to escort you to the area?

No that’s okay we know where it’s at thanks Tommy answered

They followed the map that Mac gave them until they reached the main computer room that had a sign on its front door which read


Okay Sammy go in and set up the box Tommy instructed

Me? Why don’t you go in and do it? Sammy frowned

Oh give me a serious break we don’t have time to be fooling around Daisy scowled them. She then grabbed the box and went inside the room and set it up

Okay let’s go find Miss Eagle and get out of here before we all become toast she told them

They ran down and out the emergency exit door and as soon as they reached the bottom stairs. They were surprised to see Mac standing there waiting for them

Mac what are you doing here? Cookie asked

I just wanted to thank you guys and to let you know that while you guys were setting up the timer. My friends and I sneaked inside their holding cells and let everyone free. We found your teacher and told her everything she’s still confused about the whole thing. But is relief that you guys are okay she’s waiting for you at our space station he explained

Mac how can we ever thank you Vicky asked

Aww you guys don’t have to thank me we really couldn’t have done none of this without your help. Now go I don’t know how long we’ve before they find out that they’ve been tricked and sent out more robots out here he smiled. Good luck and hopefully one day we’ll met again he added just before he disappeared through the back door

Once they arrived at the space station they started looking around for Miss Eagle

We better hurry up and find her cause if we don’t there’s no way we’ll never make it back on time Vicky told them. They walked round for a few more minutes when they spotted Miss Eagle being held by a couple of robots

Oh no! We’ve to help her Cookie cried out. They ran over towards her when a robot cried out


Run kids! I don’t know what’s going around here but I’m so sorry that I got you all in this mess Miss Eagle sobbed. And before the robots could capture the gang Cookie took out her stop watch and quickly pressed the middle button

Seconds later they were traveling back through time and back inside of Mr. Dutch’s lab

Well welcome back I can’t wait to hear all your exciting adventures you all shared! He cried out

The gang looked at one another then laughed out loud when Cookie answered him

Well Mr. Dutch let’s just put it this way it this way it was totally out of this world!!


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