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A Dream of a Child

I dream of a different place...
Where todays sorrows are tomarrows news.
Where smiles and happiness are of the present and future, and not of just the past.
A place where the sun when it rises, plays with the morning dew.
And the birds wake me with a joyful tune.
And to look out and see the glorious mighty white mountains.
A differen't place where there isn't a fast pace society, but a community of simplicity and friendship.
A place where when you walk out and you don't have to worry bout the next stray bullet, but there is nothing to worry bout.
Where you can walk down the path of life carefree and just enjoying life.
Where you can sit down and enjoy the beauty of the waves crashing on the sand.
And the sun playing hide and seek with the water.
And see the sky painted like an artist pallet.
Where you can lay gazing above at the stars.
And see the awesome beauty of a shooting star.
And smile happily at some of the simplist but, miracolous and beautilful things of life.
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